Denbigh Mental Asylum – SCARY DOCUMENTARY/BEST FOOTAGE (Paranormal Investigation)

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  1. shawn w says:

    Love your paranormal investigations very well done awesome location my name is Ivana Williams and I'm very interested in the paranormal I live in Ontario Canada I've never been able to get anyone to go investigate with me and being a girl I won't go alone that suck but I enjoy watching you guys your great 👍🏼😊

  2. loved it as usual but something did occur to me. When people, including yourselves, investigate these mental asylums, chances are who comes through is not going to be normal and sane. Therefore, a lot of the weirdness, intimidation, demonic like voices,(I don't believe in that stuff), is probably mental patients. They could be schizophrenic, bipolar or a number of things. Just wanted to point it out because a lot of investigators appear not to factor this in. Anyway you should come to the South West and try Berry Pomeroy castle, it's one of the most haunted places in the UK, you'd love it, I had rocks chucked at me haha!!!

  3. R0ughDiamond says:

    Thanks guys. Top show.

  4. I suspect you know a but more about the use of the "5 pointer" than you convey…? The EVP at 51:15 sounded like "Bring Me Here"… The answer to your question at 51:05 is also 3 syllables & sounds like "You did it"… The last one was certainly 2 syllable's, and sounded clearly like "OK"… This is only my opinion, however I made a sound file & listened through Bose Muff's, ran through an "Audigy" program. It is extremely unnerving without any background & modulated. My thoughts, you are playing with a hot fire… I must admit, I have only watched a few of your vid's, however I did the same with an EVP when "Sam" the blond young lady is with you, and heard a very disturbing EVP you missed due to volume. However I don't care to repeat it…especially here. BE CAREFUL…They Lie… Blessings, Peace & Love to all. <W2>

  5. Very enjoyable video, the shock on your face after being pulled and touched, I know how you felt, experienced similar things during Investigations. Keep the videos coming.

  6. Simon Mehana says:

    You guys did a really great job, well done.

  7. Simon Mehana says:

    That definitely was a female sobbing, nice work guys.

  8. Bryony Jones says:

    I worked at the hospital from 1985 to 1992, it was really creepy around the corridors especially at night and hated doing the night shift. I saw and heard spirits on a regular basis. I also lived for a while on the second floor of the nurses home but didn't experience any spirit activity there so I think someone's opened a portal and let something in. It was very sad to see the place in such a derelict state. I've watched a lot of various ghost investigations where they never shut up whereas you guys actual stood and listened giving spirit time to reply. Great investigation 👍

  9. i heard that voice say, "get outta here", in the access tunnels.

  10. Peter Dowell says:

    I think the flying orb was a bat….. but the females talking while on the solo? Was it for real?Wow!

  11. JESSICA Shea says:

    At 51:07 What I heard it say was "right here". It was very clear to me. Funny thing is that it makes sense.

  12. I think the evp on the spirit box said, "PROCEDURE".
    I can't believe that I haven't seen this video. What's up with that? I'm an extreme DARK ARTS PARANORMAL FAN!!!

  13. Pete King says:

    First time viewer , great investigation. Have subscribed.

  14. Hey guys,just sub'd, brilliant place plus only half hour from my home,this will be a must see for my son when he gets back home,funny enough he was their just a couple of days ago he's totally in love with the place,just wish it could be maintained rather then being left to rot, just for the respect of all those who entered their be it patients an staff,it's part of our history but instead it's left to rot ,so sad well that's just my way of thinking 🙃 ,keep up the good work now to spend the rest of my day glued to watching your channel 👍🏼😃✌🏼️

  15. followed over here from "demon dragged down stairs" this is only the 2nd one I've watched and instantly subscribed from first video. sat alone in my house wi no kids here & watching these in the dark. gonna be Blackpool illuminations in my house soon. but I ain't scared 😂 x

  16. Rich Parker says:

    1st time viewer and really enjoyed your show great stuff thanks chaps

  17. Dan Solo says:

    That was bloody awesome, not Your usual american bs/fakery, tho I could be wrong but You lad's got some balls and seem well genuine (I am bias tho bein a Manc, lol)… Subbed and be careful in future (watch those portals.!) some nasty little latcher cysts around em..!

  18. good job guys , great investigation, just subscribed

  19. At 51 i think it says "why you here?" Great investigation btw and subscribed

  20. B Mogs says:

    Has anyone noticed that the writing on the walls say REM in the runnels and PK in the mortuary? Both meters for the paranormal communication. Interesting!!!

  21. C5A5 says:

    Woah creepy :O

  22. Ilona Drouin says:

    Well done lads excellent investigation looking forward to more.

  23. natascha says:

    I loathe that scanner whatchamacalit…

  24. Wizza Online says:

    Found you from a news website and love what you do. It's not often you find people who are honest and instead of saying that noises are definitely spirits they question what they hear. Fantastic work, keep it up. I'm now a subscriber.

  25. While I was watching this I could feel a presence in my room every time you tried communicating with the spirits :o

  26. by far my fave investigation you have done. keep up the great work.. wishing I was there xoxo

  27. another great video and location, might have to pay this place a visit ourselves.

  28. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  29. Greetings from Canada. Good investigation guys. : )

  30. Came over from Instagram and you've gained a new subscriber.
    Awesome stuff there. I'm trying to start out but am finding it hard to find places near me, as I'm in London at the moment. How have you found places to explore?
    Also the voice you couldn't recognise sounds to me like it's repeating you, saying "In here", maybe agreeing that someone has opened a portal in there.

  31. Great job guys,I would have shit myself too. Lol

  32. Fantastic and brave. A fan from California.

  33. great investigation…..

  34. Gina Lewis says:

    Good investigation! Peter has a really sweet, cherub face! Enjoyed watching, keep up the good work. xxxx

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