Denbigh Mental Asylum (SCARY DOCUMENTARY/BEST FOOTAGE Paranormal Investigation, North Wales)

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  1. Chrissy T says:

    Wow the activity here is amazing.. the answers are so quick and precise.. I wonder who these poor souls are.

  2. Kat Schaf says:

    This was great! Very heart warming at the end!!

  3. Really good and that's the quickest spiritbox answers I've seen especially when Sam ask what her hair colour was it came back instantly 'Blond. Maybe spirits like blonds to although it sounded more feminine than male but really good program showing them respect especially when leaving was great to. When you was speaking about the orbs I saw three shoot away at some speed, they seemed to split up as the shot away.

  4. Good Investigation, really liked the finger counting, that was impressive.

  5. Donna Gorton says:

    Love the old film footage effects you gave it…not sure how its done but its cool!

  6. Tami Langer says:

    by the way I will subscribe!

  7. Tami Langer says:

    I love how you fast forward to the good stuff and not make us suffer through all the boring time. Good job!!!

  8. TwichyPie 7 says:


  9. Gemma Soar says:

    i warn you, me and my partner have been there a few times by ourselves and with other people and we found lots of people exploring both day and night and also found 4 chavs who liked to make strange noises to mess with other people exploring so the other problem with this location is theres people there most of the time.

  10. brilliant documentary…and brill footage of the place and explanations of the equipment guys…a place I've always wanted to investigate

  11. Flo Betts says:

    You all got balls of steel man. Brilliant vid.

  12. oooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaahhhaaaahhhhaaaaahhhhaaaa

  13. I used to explore that place it is unnervingly deeply dark and menacing well worth a visit

  14. Great video! Very informative about the history. Well done! :-)

  15. with a jacket like that and wearing a rank slide you must be a serving soldier. Great video troops

  16. Golden says:

    I like the way you've done this. No 'build up', just 'history of building' then straight into it.

  17. great video very well documented

  18. Mary Udo says:

    good piece. I just have trouble hearing ghost box. thanks for some enhancement!!!

  19. ETHKI HM says:

    I was there yesterday, nothing seemed spooky or haunted about it.


  21. TheJgriff72 says:

    There are so many building like this in the UK rotting and wasting away. Looks like they could fix them up for housing. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but there are many homeless people that would kill for a roof as nice as this.

  22. Such a beautiful place, sad it's in such a state. Interesting investigation, thanks for sharing!

  23. was that "rachel" at 12:58 ? hmm..

  24. Edward Kent says:

    Must have a great history. Great tour and investigation.

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  26. alex howarth says:

    i have slept there 40 of us put 30 quid each in a jar last one to leave got the money i took 4 sleeping tablets and woke up at 3pm with a security guard looking at me

  27. brill vic, heres my pics/vid from there xxx


  28. callum jones says:

    I was there Thursday night got a few decent pictures love the place me :P

  29. Kevin Dilke says:

    You should visit Oak Island, in Nova Scotia. Maybe the pirate spirits will tell you where that damn treasure is! lol. :-)

  30. Kevin Dilke says:

    How nice to get such a quick response. The wonders of the net. Also nice you don't have to give your phone number. (I couldn't afford to call the UK, anyway). Besides, all the loonies that would call would drive you bonkers. Hello from Canada! I'm about 9000 miles away on Vancouver Island, Briish Columbia. Tara! lol.

  31. Kevin Dilke says:

    Of all the vids I've watched about paranormal investigation, this one really hits home. So many of these patients never had visitors. Please return as often as possible. You can now give them as spirits what they never had while they were alive. It brings a tear to my eye to think someone can finally bring them the joy of conversation and companionship they missed so much during their lifetime. This is really a saintly deed you are doing. Hopefully, you can bring them the peace of mind they so rarely had. I salue your efforts and especially your persistence. They will be waiting in hope of visiting with you once again. What an entirely pleasant outcome! :-)

  32. DailySnaily says:

    11:12 Unexplained girl sound

  33. Nice vid guys. You have some great locations where you're at. Better than Australia, where I'm at. Keep on keeping on. 👍🏻 👻 🇦🇺

  34. 18:20 i can hear a dissembodied moan in the background… listen carefully! love the vids guys.

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  36. Joshua F says:

    I'm going their in like 2 days. actually shitting myself! aha

  37. I have been here 7 times, twice at night, only the 5th time we captured something on camera

  38. Rc-Nerd says:

    When you was in there did you feel a static feeling on the back of your neck? rachel is in one of the file rooms seriously this is a not a person its a paradox watch out one is violent

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