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  1. Bob Larson is a hack. Channeling even one demon would require its invitation, you to be laying down in trance and demons don't speak English. There are unholy entities that can speak English, but the possessed person would be stuck in bed, screaming and writhing in agony because when a negative spirit tries to enter you without permission it really hurts and disables you. Angels can take on the appearance of people you know, not demons and one final thing about all discarnate spirits is that they are sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of The Living, so if you are a peaceful person, the angel or demon evoked will also be peaceful. They only get aggressive when you get aggressive. E.g. When I summoned Samael, he hid from me, so I commanded him to show himself and he got upset then breathed fumes on me. After five minutes of him ostracising me, I gave him license to depart. When I summoned Moloch, he was peaceful even when I invited him to speak through me.
    These cases described on video are psychosomatic incidents possibly brought on by guilt and repressed anger.

  2. The reason why they argue at Vatican before the Pope allows exorcism is because they need an assurance that the said " devil possessed " person needs exorcism or just simply needs medical help because speaking in many different languages can be learned, able to speak in different voices is possible if someone has the talent to mimic voices ( we call them IMPRESSIONISTS ), seeing things that others can't see ( schizophrenia), too much strength ( adrenaline rush ), shaking like being electricuted with foam coming out from the mouth ( epilepsy ). I'll only believe if there's levitation and other unnatural and unexplainable events on the proclaimed " devil possessed " person.

  3. Welt Geist says:

    Bob Larson …haha!

  4. Gabe Powers says:

    8000 spirits ? That must of been legion.

  5. Devilman says:

    Gods a pussy… If he was so strong why can't he fight the devil himself.. He can't that's why….. Don't tell me he wanted to see his people fight for him. Lame as God

  6. I'll be the first to tell you for fact this is fake if they all are possessed that false preacher would be scratched up spit on

  7. whats the White frame for?

  8. k lang says:

    clearly a act to sell his books and services. buy items ect. All evangelical are money makers nothing more.

  9. k lang says:

    clearly a act to sell his books and services. buy items ect. All evangelical are money makers nothing more.

  10. "What is your name?" oh shit now I have to come up with a name "uhh Death."

  11. real wolf looking for betas – kik: white_werewolf1


  13. haaaa links more like a possessed miss piggy

  14. 18:43 Kylie Jenner, is that you?!

  15. John Walker says:

    Demonic possesion is a fucking bullshit.

  16. It's belief in evil and curiosity in it that leads to it's manifestation. Darkness is proof of light, because it is absence of it. Evil is nothing more than absence of light.

  17. Allen Smith says:

    DEMON ,SATAN and EVIL ARE REAL , Larson is a fake , but there are real exorcists in the Catholic Church in every state and every country , I have seen them and personally been attacked in my life , thank you Jesus Christ for freeing me from evil and guiding me to your Church ,that you started on Peter Simon ,the Rock,

  18. MaruanoPL says:

    huehuehue wow that is some funny shit right there boy

  19. keith dux says:

    wow ! absolute nonsense

  20. mj .twardy says:

    Demon possession… because mental illness is to mainstream.

  21. Non-Catholics have no power over Demons. The Catholic Church is the one true Church, and therefore is the only institution that rid us of them. Pastors are snake oil salesmen.

  22. it was an old bbc feature

  23. was this featured on or was that a different documentary

  24. thanks for the input rob lol

  25. Paula Fulton says:

    A very excellent and informative documentary. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you BTWN Paranormal for uploading it.

  26. It's always other religious people who are "possessed" lol

  27. nabeel gill says:

    Exorcism made me Catholic Christian.

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