DEFINITIVE PROOF 2016 SHOCKING BIGFOOT / Sasquatch Paranormal HD Documentary

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20 Responses

  1. BARDOCK says:

    There is something about this woman that i love

  2. jack mehoff says:

    Why didn`t anyone ever shoot one, before the strict laws we have now against killing mythological creatures & aliens. Now Loch Ness is a story you can set your watch to !

  3. I believe it exists here in new Zealand we have a mohau.

    our own Bigfoot not as big as others around the world but it's lives in the ranges not far from my city.though it's never been investigated..would be interesting to check it ot

  4. Andrentley says:

    🌙 FLAT PLANE 🌞

  5. Mike Yeaman says:

    They look like flat head from the book of jean m . Auel painted of cave bears

  6. Mike Yeaman says:

    Maybe they are caveman that never change to us

  7. Tyler Tricks says:

    Lol ok none of those are shamans, I've met a shaman who has traveled a lot in the mountains who did no many diffrent tribes of Indians and he left awhile ago to go gem hunting in the Colorado Rockies

  8. I had best view of sasquatch day time 5 feet away from me I do have a u tube video please check it out .I am only person who can pass a lie detector test.

  9. saxon hartzog facebook

  10. Larry Flake says:

    The skunk ape picture is a hoax… get the full picture and zoom in above it's head and also toright, you see a guy in the background with gloves and leading the ape around… I debunked this originally on the Coleman site and the full pics suddenly disappeared and only the cropped ones show up now.

  11. This is an old show.

  12. Grumpy Pig says:

    Find it shoot it, stick the head on the wall, the American way. Keep your head down big foot.

  13. Do they want to be found?

  14. land otter1 says:

    All you have to see is mainstream docudrama… I saw the "H" in the right hand corner and then my bullshit filters went on high alert and I stopped the video…. B U L L S H I T…..

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