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  2. james m says:

    Thank god, for Radio's and Mobile (Cell) Phones, When you Trouble  there a way getting help, Thank you Dan Snow  and BBC team 

  3. Mike1GH says:

    Looks like this was the inspiration for the score of the match between Germany and Brazil

  4. Admiral Volk says:

    They should have given the one team pigeons and telephone wire. :)

  5. John Know says:

    Dan Snow, a classic example of continued nepotism at the BBC.

  6. Ohharro Der says:

    He will never get the cucc
    She cucc me

  7. Browntau says:

    Best video of the series. It gives a very good example of the problems of communication. A nice touch would have been to have a single stationary person Dan could call for the first hour, (until the "enemy artillery cut the line".) I think it was insightful to look at the impact on morale too. Dan's team were dejected and quick to blame the leadership, just like soldiers did in the Great War. However, what would have helped the generals of the time would be to have gone forward occasionally to actually see the conditions on the ground. We saw that too in WW2, with MacArthur wanting to put a road through the Kokoda track for instance, but the problem was even worse in WW1.

  8. Homini Lupus says:

    This game sounds incredibly fun.

  9. A wonderful and highly informative series. a very high level of knowledge imparted in an entertaining and easlity unerstandable manner ie short, sharp and to the point. Well done everyone.

  10. Military field telephones were in widespread use prior to WW1, not much use in London but very useful in warfare…

  11. ultrabaiter says:

    Dan Snow ruins a lot of BBC history fo rme : (..cant stand him..and he is the go to guy these days..and probs for decades to come….unless something unfortunate befalls him…we can only hope…

  12. Mike Dench says:

    Maybe I'm thick but I really didn't get the point of this. It wasn't explained very clearly as far as I'm concerned. They're looking for people in blue shirts, fine, whats the point of the playing cards? I'd have walked off his team after ten minutes of frustration. I could definitely have designed a better plan for staying in touch, half his team should have been designated as runners going to and from Command and the field units. I generally have enjoyed this series but this episode is a bloody shambles. Good idea for a game though.

  13. 4:47 are those 40k model bases?

  14. the inclusion of that particular song at the start

  15. ransisua says:

    didn't they use pigeon at the time?

  16. Hai Nguyen says:

    Can't believe they used the merry go happy music for a documentary about one of the most atrocious war in the history of mankind. What's it for? Kids that'd rather go disco and shake their arses off than actually attend their history lectures?

  17. Pretty sure it would have been easier in the trenches due to the fact of there is no pedestrians, traffic and chaos in the way and the useful fact that people who are on the same team are wearing the same uniform in a linear trenching system.

  18. TocTeplv says:

    British scientists proved that comunicating without modern comunication devices is hard.
    Did they get any grants for this experiment?