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  1. chill11kas says:

    This is a great documentary. Thanks for the post.

  2. African1939 says:

    Once again, the innate genius of people of color, whose contributions have systematically been depreciated, demonstrates the deliberate and persistent effort on the part of the European to hide who we really are. Nevertheless, that genius shines through and will continue to do so – why? Because we are the "lost children of the house of Israel" and are beginning to awaken to our true identity. Read Deuteronomy 28:15-68 and take note of the unique form of enslavement experienced by only one group of people in all of human history. Soon, the tables will be turned and new history will be written. It is time now to seek peace with the Most High God while there is still time. (2 Cor. 5:17-20) This is our message to the European, seek peace now, for the destruction of this evil system is imminent. Seek peace and live.

  3. Tempest 89 says:

    29:35 – Its kinda weird how she says blacks couldnt connect to a white guys abstract painting, so they have to do it themselves, to be able to connect with it. Isnt that the whole point of "Abstract", that its abstract and even an alien from outer space would be able to connect with it?? Isnt she being kinda racist? dunno just wondering.

  4. John Brown says:

    Love this documentary!!!

  5. Toria Martan says:

    Thank you ever so much.I have waited over 40 years for such true and positive art & Artists of color to be interviewed in such an informative way,as well as the knowledge, there are also actual people of color who own and operate their own Art Galleries… Yes I think it's surly time to move forward while making sure we study Artists of color as it does make a huge different…So I for one will share this documentary with every one I know by all mean necessary…And might I say top quality work all round indeed.

  6. i feel validated in being able to create work regardless of subject matter. now i just need a support system worthy of my hard work. BUY QUALITY ART.

  7. Good Morning it is easy to see disparities in people of color the UNITED NATIONS, world country are asking what country would do this to Their own citizens they take taxes on everything including tax from children. We people look must stop turn our heads and saying it wasn't me well no not this time American murders us for entertainment like one go to movie. The inhuman, non humanitarian condition……We have work all of our fathers lives to just earn some resources for our families help us world……

  8. I agree with everything Mr. Marshall said. However, he omitted one significant point. President Barack Obama is not a descendant of enslaved Africans, which (in my opinion) is the very reason he was selected to be elected as president of the United States. He is therefore removed from the plight of black people in this country.

  9. MARGO F says:

    I hear u Leatha..everyone considers him 2b a "Black Man",but he really isn't an experiential BM..he's really a WHITE MAN n blackman costume.Raised by whites so he really has no "connection" per sa,he has their worldview+he's a puppet.Someone u send n 2b the "fall guy" 4 past F-ups!Most of our people hv not figured that out.I was fooled at 1st too not 2x!Look@his record..he's done more4 homos/lezzis & trnzies n all 8yrs n ofc.He is a "pretend" black man.Some of that his fault..most of it our naivety.

  10. mastamere says:

    Why does this documentary not get more attention?? it is great and speaks to an issue that is going on that many don't know about. Although many aspects of the nation have taken steps towards diversity, the art world is still an entity that for some reason still operates as if segregation still exist. I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the only piece of black art work i saw was in a back hallway next to the bathrooms :(

  11. This is outstanding.

  12. Good people, great paintings excellent video guys.

  13. Wonderful documentary! Learned so much. Thanks for sharing.

  14. wonderful movie full of information and history of the Black Art Culture. Thank you for the energy and effort bestowed into the creation. I love it!!

  15. jeffgoodkind says:

    is the opening music performed by Magali Souriau?

  16. Mic Lol says:

    Why do we constantly crave validation from white people? Art is something that should come from deep within therefore there is no such thing as it being unacceptable. That would mean that the artist them self are unacceptable as a person (human being). True knowledge of yourself generates self love which results in self respect which fuels self determination. Let us create our own communities based on our own natural character traits without emulating the exclusively oppressive, soul robbing culture you find present in the other. Freedom is expression!!!

  17. Love you all, really great vid, Make more.

  18. ramelep says:

    Lovely Lovely film ☺️

  19. Thanks for sharing this video, Very informative.

  20. You missing something- They want you sleep with them too. Many selling their souls to be in the lime- light. To solve this situation, we need to work together. Form groups and rent spaces and tour with our works. Develop a co-operation, get our own writer and marketer. Those of us who have the resources, start investing ourselves and our people.

  21. Love this so much! very insightful and inspirational!