Clinton – One of The Most Successful Politicians in Modern American History

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26 Responses

  1. Blue G says:

    Good thing the score doesn´t dictate what we should be feeling….

  2. What would Donald give for a head of hair like Bill ?", The Silver fox, "Handsome ,intelligent a brilliant all round politician, just like Hillary. America

  3. GBtha G says:

    fuck these sorcerers clintons.bye bye y'all fuckin losers that supported bitch hillary.snitch bill clinton aint shit but a criminal & pussy-ass.

  4. GBtha G says:

    snitch bill clinton should've been impeached.

  5. Cali Cpfoh says:

    Sugar coated documentary for the sheep that think we're a democracy

  6. guest me says:

    whoever says bill Clinton was a bad president you're fucking retarded one wrong does not make up for all the right

  7. guest me says:

    bill Clinton is my nigga, fuck all you who hate on him

  8. guest me says:

    At this Point it don't matter what anybody says anymore in politics Trump was accused of raping a kid, and caught on camera!! bragging about touching women in the pussy and he still won so fuck it thug life

  9. Until Hillary lost……..again

  10. "Successful politicians"???
    One of them lost two presidential elections to an african american called Barack Hussein Obama and Donald J. Trump, and the other one is a horny rapist!

  11. Nicoleta says:

    He was a very, very good president. I love him!

  12. awesome president America should have be proud of. .wish our Constitution allow for third and fourth term he would worth it

  13. Arsie Espino says:

    My Bible said if you gain the whole World ( Fame, riches and popularity) and looses your own soul. I would rather to be famous as a Christian and share the good news all over the World about Christ than being famous on earth . God will recognize your work if you put Him first. Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul.

  14. Zakir Sajib says:

    I agree. Clinton was the best in USA and Tony blair was the best in UK.

  15. Zack Osborn says:

    I clicked on this thinking it was a joke, talk about cherry-picked history.

  16. mesquite16 says:

    and corrupt,dont forget corrupt


  18. Luna Chan says:

    "How many second chances does someone deserve "
    One…there can be only one second chance.

  19. Larry H says:

    This was the start of the down fall of American system of government. It looks like we are now going to have a 2nd chance with President Donald J. Trump 20 years later. Hope he work out. America needs a change. I though with the way the system has been going we would have a revolt between the people and the Government and the left wing media who are trying to control the thought of the people. And with the election of 2016 it has back fired on the Clinton machine and their media puppets. The People have spoken. Now please go away Miss Bill Clinton and please take your husband with you.

  20. Larry H says:

    Did you hear Hillary accent she a joke. sounds like she is from the south eheheheehe she is from Chicago now when you hear her speak in 2016 she sound like she is from Chicago
    and not from the south. She is a phony, born politician. Not a person to be trusted. Like the Movie American President during one of the speeches he said a president tell you want you want to hear this is true.

  21. Hillary Clinton: worst politician ever in America. Why? She lost to a black man with a Middle Eastern middle name, ALMOST lost to a democratic socialist, and lost to a billionaire business man with no political experience whatsoever. All while running for President! She is terrible!

  22. serz1885 says:

    2016 and hillary keep been speaking about education

  23. The Clinton's speak with forked tongues.

    I hope they come clean and salvage their lives.

  24. toasteh says:

    Bill Clinton's legacy:
    – 1993 Nafta, sending an exuberant amount of American jobs overseas.
    – 1994 crime bill which put non violent drug offenders in prison to feed the prison industry.
    – 1996 telecommunications act put the media in the hands of just a few companies.
    – 1996 gutted welfare.
    – 2000 got rid of the Glass Steagall act which helped cause the 2008 financial crash.
    – Add sexual abuse, lies, impeachment, corruption etc etc etc.
    What an absolute piece of shit he was.

  25. OMG Young Hillary Clinton Looks like Amanda Seyfried 1:48