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  1. vilasalazar says:

    karma's tough eh… bites for you, and against you…

  2. You want to end terror in Pakistan, wipe out the ISI and start fresh. Within a few weeks, you'll mysteriously see a massive drop in funding, support, and weapons shipment. ISI is traitorous scum, and the Pakistani people would do well to exterminate them.

  3. Waqar Mirza says:

    indian RAW behind the terrorism

  4. Amrik Singh says:

    this man shod not happen to islamik shiria but it is ok to happen non muslim this stouped man with uniform

  5. i support sharia law for paksiatn

  6. 1SuperLOL says:

    Outdated. Situation is very close to before 2004 now. No blasts in Islamabad for a long time

  7. Sakina Khan says:

    Its strange no pakistani in this video (whether the security officials or the survivors of terrorist attacks or the relatives of who dies in terrorist acts) ever tak about the open support of the pakistan establishment of terrorists & terror groups. The pakistan PM openly says that burhan wani , the terrorist who was killed by Indian troups in Kashmir, is a kashmiri leader. It is this duplicity that is bleeding pakistan. and the pakistanis are living in denial. For a great number of pakistanis; a person who kills a non pakistani ( read an Indian or a USA citizen or an Israeli) is a "freedom fighter" while if the same person kills a pakistani, he is a "terrorist". This same girl who has pellets lodged in her body would have not defined this incident as a terrorist attack if this had happened in Kashmir & maimed Indians. This is reality. Pakistanis know this; we Indians know this.

  8. barka says:

    since their begin,islam terroririse the whole world,true radical muslim or allah followers.They think that the whole world must,must folow alah,if not you geth killed!!So this annimal must be stopped.whole families died because of them!!is not america,or the jews did it,no,almost everytime it is,radical islam!and what a cowards!!!They attacking schools ,universeties,hospitals!,what a cowards!!and they make islam looking bad,real bad!!

  9. Twenty seconds of that snotty narrator was to much Thumb Down.

  10. Jaisey karni waisey bharni

  11. ch012 says:

    I feel for the gentleman telling about his wife's death in her office..however his logic that "there was one 9/11 and one 7/7 however pakistan has everyday such things" is flawed..he has to understand that all the things which is happening in pakistan are their own makings however 9/11 7/7 26/11 were all created by pakistanis on others..

  12. pakastan sucks they kill and dont care

  13. all because of zia-ul-haq terrorism policy.


  15. Mallik Saab came back to hinduism, that is the only way to be the last Tahir Mallik go to Shrengeri in South India you will understand yourself.

  16. usman arif says:

    we all know who is sponsoring these terrorist …Pakistan is a very special country …A NUCLEAR muslim country …and the security situation is getting better …proud to be a pakistani….

  17. Biggest home grown product of pakistan…TERRORISM …Hilary Clinton was perfectly correct ….snakes you breed for neighbour, will not only bite them. one day they will bite you as well.

    But well….it's always like reap what you sow.

  18. pak is changing since last 4 years and i hope it became a stable nation as i wish it became so as for stable india and south asia we need a peaceful and stable pakistan

  19. King Porus says:

    Their government nurtured it…

  20. How fucking stupid do you have to be to blow yourself up? Satan has Islamists by the balls

  21. Moody Jaat says:

    Long Live Pakistan, Long live terrorists !!

  22. Josh Mc says:

    0:12, that is true but u only have your own government & especially your intelligence service(ISI) to thank for the terrorism in your country, your frankenstein monster has turned on you & your citizens are paying the price.

  23. Karthik K says:

    You reap what you sow. There is still time to amend things for young Pakistanis. If they continue to suppress their minorities, pesting India, there is no future for Pakistan. They were supposed to surpass India in development, but instead their destructive policies brought them to this pathetic state. Sad….

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