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  1. Legic Maker says:

    I guess in 10 years time Hollywood movies will replace Chinese from russian

  2. who cares says:

    Usa just bluffing n afraid to attack china….but we might attack coz our economy really in deep shit….hahahhaha

  3. no war please , i'm a normal chinese, we welcome welcomed person all over the world.

  4. Funny Buni says:

    china will fuck usa very soon
    pak china friendship long live

  5. China: let's make China great again!

    USA: China needs some democracy.

  6. Jasbir Singh says:

    Jasbir Singh3 days ago (edited)China is very Greedy and big thief. china did cyber attack on America
    and stole defence security, weapon technology. China did cyber` attack on
    Indian banks and stole cards info. and money. China occupied some Indian
    land they want more. china took neighbors sea and illegally fishing. Mr. Modi has good chance to bother to china. like they bother Indian. help south Asia country and America, and kick out to china from south asia sea.

  7. If you want a war , go play world of tanks. Don't make those idiot war video threat world peace.

  8. Handy 110 says:

    Meanwhile I'm here in Thailand like… Shite…

  9. Wheels65 says:

    I just hope the US has a super secrete weapon up their shirt! Just in case!

  10. 黄沙百战 says:

    china don't be afraid of war with usa directly. i am chinese, we r proud that we have 5000 years awsome history and until now we are the only one in the world that civilization and culture not broken yet. chinese empire was destroyed (seperate) and then back to strong again manymany times, we exactly know what's is destroy and how to be back to the top. we have so many heroes like the star in the sky. if u don't believe, pls reference Korea war, and the how about usa vitnam war? usa army dare to across the line that china make. anddon't forget at that time, china still weak and poor…… about now? china rich and strong again, we come back to the top again…usa owned huge debt with us….usa think we still be afraid to fight with them, hehehe, really funny. france emperor Napoleon said what, everyone can search

  11. James Jones says:

    hahaha keep in mind that America can wipe out China. Get out of your dream! Total bullshit daydreaming video lol

  12. Happy to see so many ignorants here, that makes China stronger.

  13. 1.2million firsh  chineese   car facility and airoldinamic synthetic compressor bosh….jai wi copetunte…quchea amore vous.jai quchea aussi.

  14. Samuel Yu says:

    Can anyone see that an unrestricted war can mean Jesus Christ is going to punish you unrestricted stupid useless good for negative 👎 bastards!!!!

  15. Samuel Yu says:

    This world 🌎 will happily burn up for The Riches and Worthfully untarnished and undying surprise 🎁 for Eternity's (Jesus Christ's) HEAVEN.

  16. DCFunBud says:

    52:28.  The Pentagon is not in Washington, D.C.  It is in Arlington, Virginia.  Washington is on the other side of the Potomac River (and includes the river itself).

  17. Dear President Xi Jinping, I think that your People's Republic of China should deploy some of your country's nuclear-powered and diesel-powered submarines which carries some of your country's nuclear weapons both for land attack use and underwater attack use to scare and threaten the United States of America. Thank you.

  18. Gundam Z says:

    that was very enjoyable and neutral

  19. 黄嵩 says:

    Yeah, it cannot be two tigers on a hill, 一山不容二虎

  20. john kelly says:

    if china makes there milatry hardware like they make every thing else it will fall apart in two days,they may have the people but they do not have the goods they will never beat the us and the know that

  21. 郑枨玚 says:

    As a Chinese,I'm really scared. Chinese military power was so weak that we even can't start a war on Myanmarr to stop the slaughter on kokang people.The coastguard ship in South China can't defense any attack of torpedoes.For the number of Carrier aircraft pilots is only15 , PLA can't do anything to Japan.Inside the country,Chinese police and Chinese army is tired of the terrorist attacks by Muslims.Muslims is using loopholes of Chinese law to get tax money to build mosques.The tax money they have wasted in a year was almost double to military expenditure.When the Communist Party of China is defeated,Musilms will take control of the country,the endless terrorist attacks will launched to other parts of the world,Chinese will go to Japan as refugees,and an other world war to Islamic world will happen.

  22. Andy Hong says:

    Dad (China): even though we've had a long fight, you should come back home
    Son (Taiwan): no, i don't wanna go home because i've got less freedom and people say you're poor.
    Stranger (U.S.): if you keep telling your son to go back home ill fight to the death with you.

    cool, U.S so righteous!

  23. Li Songpi DI says:


  24. lmao.. china is not a republic.. its a thief and liar… and an empire built and unified by death… america an emoire… lmao… nope… wth… bunch of propaghanda.

  25. Fangbin Tong says:


  26. it‘s interesting that almost all videos about China used old footage ten years, even decades ago…..
    to make some people feel comfortable to see every country falls into the catalogue they‘re familiar with? that may be the only possible explanation.
    believing only what you want to believe makes people blind. we all should know some countries stand still for 20 years , while China is improving in every single second.
    well it's okay to have opponents with nescience and vainglory. less trash talk ‘n’ let the game begin

  27. Sam Keyho says:

    How many ads we have to watch??

  28. khunt says:

    the only motherfuckers at war with anyone is the fucking USA. to sit here and listen to this propaganda bullshit is fucking painful. Then to listen to some nerd in a red bow tie is even insulting. fuck the jewnighted states and their banking masters,

  29. As an asian myself, China all the way

  30. 赵宇 says:

    As the old Chinese saying goes"Superpower can also die out if it is addicted to truculence.
    Even in peaceful time, negligence on defence can lead to dangers. "The target of the rabbits is the Sea of Stars.

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