Castles: The Magnificence Of the Medieval Era – History Documentary Films

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23 Responses

  1. Red Guy says:

    Jason blundell jerks off to this

  2. Dragons ? Bible sayes yes.

  3. Brad - says:

    This grey haired guy is so condescending.

  4. The creepy guy talking about torture has some serious skeletons in his closet i'm calling it.

  5. MolotovPiggy says:

    I'm a sucker for medieval castles

  6. Tom Baugh says:

    Kebab and chips??

  7. Tank Dempsey says:

    im a sucka for medieval castles

  8. Im newly interested in Medieval culture. I would really like to learn about the basics of constructing secured cities, harbours, keeps. Also what type of shops and nescessary assets in order to presere a City back then. Would anyone know about Any kind of book or documentary witch May have that kind of information:)?

  9. Love how that guy talking about torture is Like "you Can burn Them, you Can eat them, you Can stab them" so calm when describing itxD

  10. They should change the name nobleman's and king to scums since it would be more accurate!

  11. The History channel should change it's name to "The Big Foot from space aliens in Louisiana Channel". I click on once in a while, hoping their showing some old reruns. Sad what's happened to a very needed show.

  12. bruh ! says:

    blundells favorite documentary

  13. I really like those two guides! The old man with the cane is just so exciting and the other guy is more calm and explains the defense of a castle in a very simple yet informative way. Those two are great!

  14. David says:

    Which castle was that king's chamber room in at 34:00??

  15. omg trump walls or vatican depending which side of the clinton fence you sit on i meant wall

  16. ahhahah I love that flamboyant old guy, he's so into it XD

  17. XDDX OPKX says:

    Lol when he said ''i know it is an alien concept to Americans, overspending on defense''

  18. Rafael P. P. says:

    "…impenetrable to the BEHOLDER…", cool, tell me how these walls stop Disintegration Rays…

  19. I'm dissappointed! They never talked about french castles! France is the country that invented the caste

  20. thanks for adding this .. I don't have cable and I love the history channel and anything they show!


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