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  1. Castle derives from the basque root gazt(the c comes out from the g) and now we know basque is much older than latin.Nice try.

  2. Does anybody know the name of the castle in the thumbnail at all? It's stunning!

  3. Bill Schick says:

    I visited a couple castles while in Belgium 2 years ago. Amazing stuff.

  4. 2010Hals says:

    ya I was hoping to see the story of the castle in the thumbnail.

  5. When I hear her talking about the dungeons she thinks people were never just thrown in them to die without a trial without a hearing without any due process at all, this is what is wrong with these programs, ignorant narrators. TYRANTS DO make people disappear and romanticizing dirty old English Castles and Monarchies won't change the facts that these war lords and their courts were ruthless murderous individuals.

  6. its called santuario de Las Lajas. it is not a castle, but a church built into the side of a mountain where an image of the virgin mary appeared halfway up the cliff face. it is in Columbia, near Ipiales. I have been there, it is a lovely place full of people coming there to hope for a miracle of some sort. there are hundreds of plaques along the way giving thanks for prayers answered. it was built in the first half of the 1900's.

  7. alex peters says:

    The Thumbnail Castle, is a Catholic Church in south American. Many miracles have been reported at the location. Sanctuary De Las Lajas. As with most attractive Catholic Church, it only gets more impressive once you go inside.

  8. Linda Le says:

    this video is about a broken down castle and how to slaughter people. There is zero beauty, and it is not about the castle in the thumbnail. Report this channel.

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