Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror – Real Stories

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  1. aburgheim says:

    The only reason we the people of the West are supposed to have a problem with Putin/Russia and Islam is because elements of the Western finance, corporations, military and political scene want to invade all Islamic countries and Russia for their resources. Their vast amounts of Oil, Gas, Coal, Minerals etc. are the target and price, everything else in regards to why we should have a reason to invade, infiltrate or manipulate Russian and all Islamic countries is propaganda!! Its all about the money, profits, influence and power. And one more thing….. WAR a new world war that will silence all opposition, destroy alternative technologies and foremost clean the west of its imperialistic stigma and the lie of 911! The winner will reap the bounty and of course will write history to his advantage. I am ashamed to be a German citizen and therefore part of this western Cabal, i can hardly describe how deeply disappointed i am in my government and in particular that of America! My heart goes out to all the victims of our foreign policy and i wish we could all united to stop the real enemies of peace…….. our governments and certain elements therein.

  2. pspboy7 says:

    When a democracy drops a bomb on a woman's house, they are no longer a democracy. When a free nation kills children, they are no longer worthy to be called free. Shame on the west for these acts of destruction and misery. All this for the lie of WMDs.

  3. Vinh Nguyen says:

    Irak invaded Kuwait with the help of America back in the days, then America invaded Irak and the funny part that i like the best is that Kuwait was rich, but they never got richer because someone stole their wealth. So my question is who stole Kuwait wealth, was it Irak? Was it America?

  4. What is becoming of the world?! Why am I seeing mass shootings and terrorist attacks every time I turn on the television? The only reason why these incidents are happening is because of guns. U want killings to stop? Then guns must be banned.

  5. so when do we start bringing those in power to justice?

  6. Mx Tilldeath says:

    ha. we have em freedom alright. freedom to rape pillage and destroy the middle east. what we have now is what happens when fucking politicians start wars and fuckin half ass the entire thing. either kill the fucks or leave em alone. don't pussy foot around ..let the Marines off their leashes and let them do their job against isis

  7. America and england are the cause of all bloodshed in modern times , imperialism in desquise . but rest assured that all comes to an end while yous enjoy your rich lifes on the blood of children and the oil that you getting from iraque.

  8. and that is why you are living in fear and paranoia, the west is slowly turning into a facist state so destruction will come from whithin as it always have been trough out history wjth all empires, fear is the wages of sin , and sin the wages of fear.

  9. Worst part is that this was made 13 years ago and still nothing.

  10. The USA THE U.K fucker's WE have NOW in ALL official seats of political power are Swindlers (Serial Swindlers) YOU wont 2 be free. You wont to live in this world and work be HAPPY…then we have to take power from this war loveing royal family members of the banking systems USA we have in power… … …We do that… … …Sorry if YOU have balls 2 do that… … …Then we will not need guns…the will not be no wars an terror in this world… … …

  11. Trosssc2 says:

    What Liberal load of horseshit. You should retitle this video. "The Nitty Gritty Truth of Keeping Your Fucking Iphone Turned On."

  12. John Stupido says:

    What a heap of lies !

  13. AciduZZu002 says:

    Perhaps not many knows, but the first to start a war on terror was Hitler. I found a newsreel from ww2 "Deutsche Wochenschau" which says that it started the war on terror, against american and english terror shortly after the D-Day. It seems that somebody nowadays copies the whole nazi propaganda.

  14. Rehan says:

    Most evil warmongering blood thirsty looter country on earth is united snakes of Americunt. More I see there atrocities around the world more I hate them. American collapse is near. They really pissing of the entire world. The war will come to US and it will be the most bloodiest that people will forget the ww1 and ww2.

  15. Rehan says:

    God is most high and most powerful all knowing. American politicians r answerable to God for their crimes against the humanity.

  16. Kathy Heyne says:

    There are only two sins in this world: system justification and confirmation bias.

  17. During World War 2 the Allies where compelled to carpet bomb entire cities into rubble; but they where fighting fascist oppression and war does not leave you the option of being benevolent. But afterwards they rebuilt both Japan and Western Germany and turned those countries into economically prosperous democracies with governments there where accountable to the people. Perhaps in both Afghanistan and Iraq; if more time and money had been spent on reconstruction and lifted the people of both those nations out of poverty then perhaps terrorists would have a harder time convincing the people of those two nations that the West is evil and fighting us is noble.

  18. Its been clear for years who the real terrorists are.
    We have been lied to for almost a century and most of us, globally, are unwitting pawns in america's corrupt and traitorous game of chess.
    And then there's the global bankers…. a whole other layer above….
    Welcome to the Corporate Fascist State of the West.

  19. the u.s. troops are the terrorist.the u-s. politicians are the terrorist leaders

  20. arrest bush for murder.

  21. Child killer Tony' bliar

  22. More of the same if Clinton wins the election…. The Bush family have officially backed her… That should tell you something

  23. fuck the narater in the ass

  24. The greatest purveyor of
    violence in the world today, my own government…..MLK

  25. Khan says:

    in response to 9/11 uncle sam has killed milion still not satisfied ? divide 9/11 3000 by 1 milion it's an excellent score achieved by uncle Sam.

  26. US government was misleading .

  27. MM C says:

    Maybe if these ancient people would stop following shariah law and following a 7th century god and lifestyle maybe they could build roads and modernize. Get educated. Grow as a country

  28. Ghulam Sakhi says:

    What a world…. we forget our history …. Isreali forget their History when Hitler was killing them and now they do what hilters did with them.. maybe in the history plastine did the same with isrealis. . history repeat it self…

  29. Terry Boella says:

    But in all this there actually isn't an American foreign policy of 'Terror' any civilian deaths caused by the actions of the American military have been in 99% of cases accidental and not as a result of those people being intentionally targeted.Other than that the only other points being highlighted here are failures or simply an inability to impact a situation.So to make grand sweeping claims of "Terrorism" or "Rapacious imperial power" seems alot like cheap propaganda.

  30. Terry Boella says:

    And for those on here citing figures of a Million Afghans killed by America it's simply not true.

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