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22 Responses

  1. yarow122 says:

    20:37 Bauxite?

    Why am I thinking of the White City "Flevance" from One Piece? The citizens mined Amber Lead and became wealthy from it without being aware of the price it'd pay on their health. In the end, spoiler alert, only the royal family was allowed to escape the city. Everyone else either died from Amber Lead Syndrome or were shot and killed by soldiers. The entire city was burned down. Only a single child managed to escape.

  2. The sad truth about Jamaica not getting further in the world is because the rich Jamaicans and the middle-class run away from their obligation to further the wealth of a nation that struggled to leave colonialism. They betrayed Jamaica due to their own greed, they did not love the Island and allowed America that was extremely prejudice at the time in the late 60's to cause the local people to betray each other way in the 70's. that is the time I as a child was forced to leave Jamaica. I miss it and now have not family ties left there. We could have been great with God's help. Now! what is happening there is sad cause the same thing is happening back in the 60's where gangs still rule in trench town and various areas. The police and government agency are all corrupted. How do I know that? My son applied to get my birth certificate and he was bride out of $300 Canadian dollars just to get this document which I know does not cost that. You want us to return start doing the right thing. Take care of the poor, and elderly and children. give the people the right to free health care, education, and jobs for the youth as Michael Manley saw. Canadian have all this and the country has not gone to sheds. I have been here over 30 years so think about this. Do not think that I am rich cause I was just a child when left. you have to work hard here to even make a living! Living in 1 bedroom apartment cost over $1000 Candian dollars, things cost an arm and a leg just for food and clothes. Appreciate what you have and fight for justice for everyone not just for yourself. Stop killing the young people, stop robbing those who have something. Stop scaring the tourist away. Stay in school. Take care of each other. the rest of the world do not give a shit about you. Start caring for yourself!!!!!!

  3. Stop the race war and the gang war. It will destroy you like it is doing so in America.

  4. jason jason says:

    people really believed these white politicians were fighting for them. wtf

  5. what a load crap.the poor still same way and the puppet still in powervbytbhe gun

  6. That's wat i👂mix ppl my fucking ass!! That's how whites seen it from time smh kmt, cause they are really black ppl as my mommy told me!!

  7. sherriaris says:

    This is a very good documentary.

  8. Carl Mclaren says:

    I think democratic socialism is the way forward for the whole world, Manley was before his time! RIP

  9. democracy nor republican cannot deliver us israelites from the hands of BABYLON THE GREAT… wE NEED TO COME TOGETHER AS THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL and stop searching for other kings above us… there's only 1 KING.

  10. Is Manleys Fault ???

  11. AgentofPeace says:

    Jamaicans werent brought there by whites. They had BEEN THERE!!! Same with U.S. blacks. LEARN YOUR HISTORY!!!

  12. Oh so a Seaga start the tribal war? Glad for this education

  13. What's ironic is that Jamaica was the original crown jewel of the British Empire (India would replace it). It was the richest colony in the entire empire and yet today is poor as shit. The British did a poor job developing Jamaica. Part of the reason Jamaica isn't prosperous like other former British colonies is because British people were afraid to move to Jamaica in large numbers out of fear of disease (yellow fever), slave rebellions, and pirates (17th and 18th centuries). This practically ensured that Jamaica would forever be a colony based on slavery and later indentured servitude. Having less european people in Jamaica prevented Jamaica from ever escaping its colonial past.





  18. The Spirit of Paul Bogle will rise again.