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  1. Truth Lover says:

    Why even explain anything about African history to modern day Black people? They hate being called African and hate any Black person that believes in Black dominance; out side of the continent of Africa. That's why some Blacks torment the Hebrew Israelites. I'm not talking about those crazy camps; or those Ben Ammin followers. I'm talking about the real Israelites that know they're the chosen people and won't be swayed by omission of the so called history to prove it. Most Blacks trust Whites to teach them anyway… So, at the end of the day we will never know the true history of all Black people over the ages; Right? White people have even documented the history of Black dominance out side of what we now know as Africa. Blacks couldn't take the Truth about Africans. We all started there, but are and never will be exclusively bound to the continent of Africa. Whites even know that the original Hebrew's of the Bible were black, but Blacks are being cursed like they know how to be; according to Deuteronomy 28:54-57. They're evil towards one another and don't know why. It's that trust you put in the White man telling you the truth. I even saw one brother in the comments below say " I'll just stick with the whites". "They do all the diggin' ". Really? They're the reason why Blacks feel like all their glory is exclusively in Africa and no where else; and that blacks always just stayed in the jungles' Of Africa making up new dances and singing. Meanwhile everyone else on the planet was white and powerful; Even in Egypt. Please.

  2. Corey Snow says:

    This is a good 1

  3. Corey Snow says:

    This is a good 1



  6. Wait…minute 22. The Egyptians were Black too! What is this man talking about. They were a different kind of Black people…but they were still clearly black!

  7. handsomecat1 says:

    They also raped boys, teenage boys and men too.

  8. Lol I will never marry a white man that's for sure

  9. the only thing whites want is power and control that why they will never succeed just on the basis of balance the universe

  10. AAF says:

    thats why shaolin monks learnt kung fu. africans were the most spiritual but they were taken advantage of.

  11. to hell with the Arabs and their so called religion of peace. while castrating black African men and killing our new horns by slamming them against tree trunks. They took our women and made them concubines.

  12. Cyrus Dee says:

    Blacks look at their primitive people and call them "civilized".

  13. Debbie Horn says:

    static is really too loud

  14. Darkzkin says:

    "Just think that this race of Black men, today our slave and the object of our scorn, is the very race to which we owe our arts, sciences, and even the use of speech! Just imagine, finally, that it is in the midst of people who call themselves the greatest friends of liberty and humanity that one has approved the most barbarous slavery, and questioned whether Black men have the same kind of intelligence as whites! In other words the ancient Egyptians were true Negroes of the same stock as all the autochthonous peoples of Africa and from the datum one sees how their race, after some centuries of mixing with the blood of Romans and Greeks, must have lost the full blackness of its original color but retained the impress of its original mould." by Constantin François de Chassebœuf, comte de Volney, 1757


  16. WildRoot says:

    You don't have to moan and groan. We were brought to this land for a reason much higher than slavery. We are like seeds in the wind. This land will be ours in due time. After the white man destroys it, our job is to rebuild.
    We are the backbone of this world. Lack of ozone will fuck them up. They will come begging on bended knees. We will show them mercy as always.

  17. Trenton Bey says:

    we have to open our kids eyes of our history use internet  to get info from Egyptian history

  18. Mary Mary says:

    Is time to wake up from sleep anyway since we fled from our LAND ISRAEL IN JERUSALEM IN 70 AD, after the deception of Arabs and Whites to force us to Chrsitianity and Islam.Our eyes are open in this last days Praise to The Most High.

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