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  1. To all the people who say that the Egyptian people where black, they weren't. Thanks to the well preserved mommies the tests show that the Egyptian high society where an entirely different kind of people that was exterminated when the Romans defeated them and made the empire of Egypt fall, with help from the slag of the Mediterranean Sea, Cleopatra. The people of ancient Egypt where called Copts, they ware more Arabic looking with tall slender bodies, olive skin and almond shaped eyes.

    And just to be clear about something, all of the original African population isn't black, Northern Africa is mostly Muslim with Arabian descent like in the Middle East. Africa is one of the biggest continents in the world so it's natural for some racial diversity. And lastly history is for everyone not just for your own specific part of the world or heritage, in that case I would only read about Vikings and be the only one to do it. As long as you are interested, read about what ever you want.

  2. To like EVERY COMMENTER here.
    In reality, WHO CARES!?! Who cares!?! What does it matter if someone is black, white, Asian, Arabian, gay, straight… Who's gives a flying fuck. If we're all equal it shouldn't matter who did what and what the colour of their was. If you want equality stop hating and distancing yourself for each other. Every one in this world is equal. So stop acting like racist Donald Trumps to each other and act like the grown and smart individuals you are. Pick your battles and do them well. If you say that someone is "fucking dumb" because of the skin or what not, you won't win any battles just a hate war.

  3. ainanor says:

    I can hear the armenian duduk is playing in the backround at 33:17

  4. onethreeify says:

    25:40 when they were talking about religious ceremonies and had footage of two men with erected phallus' I thought they were heading somewhere else with the documentary. It does make me wonder, being somewhat of a laymen of Egyptology, what was the deal with sex in Ancient Egypt? I've heard of engravings of Akhenaten and Nefertiti having sex while servants either watch or catch them in action, but not much else, and given how "outside the box" those two were they hardly represent 3000 years of culture. Does anyone have any interesting information about this?

  5. the artifacts looks too that can be 6000 years?

  6. the clothes told that can't be 6000 thousand years ago

  7. 45.36 guess who is that?

  8. omg see 48.23 what she is wearing. .that looks like indian ancient times clothes. .how was that happens. .unbelievable

  9. Neturu Amaru says:

    Eygpt aka Kemet the Black land look it up Khufu granite Statue

  10. Neturu Amaru says:

    Around 800 bc the Arabs ruled until the Assyrians and Greeks got involved the Ancient Neturu aka Pharaohs before 800 bc had over 5000 years and prolly More so be careful who you talk about or your afterlife will cease to exist

  11. do you have any knowledge about ancient booby traps?

  12. Why do people have to constantly bitch about race on EVERY FUCKING EGYPTIAN VIDEO ON THE GOD DAMN NET

  13. Sox Mate says:

    Another video with an agenda. Just do the history.

  14. Charles Wood says:

    Actually Hatshepsut was a balding grossly overweight pretender. Her alleged "military exploits" are nonsense, if you believe her commissioned paintings then you must believe that Ramses the Great himself literally killed millions of Hittites at Kadesh, after all that's what his paintings on the temples say. It amuses me that feminist will say that T-3 tried to have Hats name removed everywhere yet they find thing like the painting of her with, according to the Wig doctor, a subservient T-3 following her. Baloney.

  15. All the commenters are just whiny man boys who can't live without their Gary Sues. Grow up, grow a pair, stop being so emotional.

  16. I really enjoyed this video, thank you for the fantastic HD upload!
    While watching it I was thinking "Wow! This program is way clearer than a lot of the other videos I'm used to watching on YouTube!" Then I checked on the info tab and saw it was indeed in HD (1080p) so that's definitely appreciated!
    Anyways what I'm trying to get at is, THANK YOU!
    I know this presenter did another program all about Nefertiti, but does anyone know if she did any other shows than that one and this one?

  17. Earl Reeves says:

    As soon as she said the Pymarids were built by Egyptians and were tombs she lost all credibility with me.

  18. Joann is really amazing woman! This documentary is lovely 💗

  19. Am I the only one revolted by the overbearing feminist spin this woman seems to put on everything that crosses her path?

  20. Sideshow bob does egypt

  21. I hope that cleopatra was never triggered. I hope the powerful women of Egypt were reasonable😂

  22. It's so shameful when a person is so insecure they have to deface antiques of ancient times. So hateful is the intent to remove the noses of statues and monuments. It must kill them to know these are people who have lots of melanin.😆

  23. enaremco says:

    Bad hair day for Ms Fletcher.

  24. I enjoyed this immensely! Thank you for uploading it!

  25. I like her kinky afro. :)

  26. sam says:

    im dead im sorry

  27. Jay B says:

    Black ppl have the most diverse features than any other racial group.only thing whites use to negate African ancestry of these great ppl is there nose being slim. lmao Ethiopians are black in have slim noses just like IMAN as a exsample or they use some false DNA study done by whites in then some say the mummies so old they can't get DNA to prove anything. Blacks won't stop complaining about these images in commentary this is science in research of real ppl not no fake Hollywood presention you can't play with ppl history like it's not important to be as truthful as you possibly can African ppl need to know they played a huge role in mankind's advancement in creating civilization if you disagree with my opinion I believe it's because you want to claim these contributions to mankind's history in at the same time claim why worry or talk about this contradicting as hell cause u know how important history is too in shaping ppl perception thank you

  28. Why was the temple at Abu Simbel built, "fear and respect" or awe and reverence? Nefertari could only be a "trophy wife" to the to the "volatile" tribes of Nubia if she had power to use as influence – her linage perhaps? Really good documentary though.

  29. Anne Besley says:

    Love Prof Joann Fletcher's documentaries.