BBC Documentary 2015 | Battle of Gettysburg – American Civil | History Documentaries 2015

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  1. TheKira699 says:

    They left out the 20th Maine on Little Round Top and Lt Col Chamberlain. They beat the Alabama brigade, ran out of ammunition, fixed bayonets and charged down the hill either killing or taking prisoner the rebels. To me that is damn fine leadership and great tactics considering that they were the end of the fish hook with the New Yorkers beside them.

  2. Led Hitman says:

    Americans killing other Americans in a war over the freedom of other Americans in the country ironically nicknamed land of the free.

  3. How come the end of this doco is cut off BBC? Poor bit of editing.

  4. antares4s says:

    I have seen this video posted numerous times. Its is full of inaccuracies and highly biased. I can't really recommend it.

  5. MrNodebate says:

    50:38: It makes you a "true hero" if you function under the pressure that "this might be my last day, I might not be coming back from this"?
    By that definition, a terrorist or even suicide bomber would also be a "true hero"… I think some "details" should be added to that definition… I'm open to suggestions!

  6. Gregoryt700 says:

    Strange claim, that Picjett's charge had a good chance of succeeding. Essentially, a couple hundred Rebs a small regiment – made it to the wall. And they were going to break a Union line with interior lines and 2 Corp in reserve,? Nonsense. Longstreet knew it would be a disaster, and it was.

  7. The camera lens got blood on it.

  8. so does it means north colonize south
    and ends the civil war….

  9. Broc Theil says:

    boo the yanks won ;[

  10. CastelDawn says:

    bbc lol, what a joke it has become

  11. Kevin Walker says:

    yank killing yank what could be better

  12. LEOPARDTWO says:

    Factual errors in this 'history': first, Lee HAD half his cavalry force; second, the charge on the third day was a failure because the SECOND ASSAULT WAVE never appeared. Longstreet never ordered it forward and was responsible for the loss of the battle.

  13. Only two mistakes have been made at the end of this war and following.

    Mistake 1: Not letting Sherman simply burn the whole South to the ground.
    Mistake 2: Returning the Confederate States their statehood, voting rights and representation. All former Confederate states should have in perpetuity remained US territories, like Puerto Rico. US citizens, incorporated territories but no Federal representation. They have been proving since then, year by year that they haven't got the message of the civil war.

  14. I wonder what the USA would be like today if the south won the war.

  15. Ian Murray says:

    north wanted the sugar and cotton not free slaves

  16. Too bad that this Yank video doesn't explain the fact that many of us are descents from Revolutionary War Veterans (NC). So pathetic this piece is. Most people envision MASS and Paul Revere, yet they don't understand that the actual war was won in the South.

  17. I'm so sick of documentaries showing men running in open order or simply acting on their own , this did not happen with line infantry (iron brigade was line Inf) they fought in linear formation ! They don't even show that wtf is this garbage !?!?

  18. Ranillon says:

    This is not BBC – it lacks the logo in the corner that is always present during their documentaries on top of not being in the right style (or having a narrator speaking with some sort of British accent).  This is just another scam to get people to watch.

  19. Orteiz Olson says:


  20. Beanmaster73 says:

    um it was actually mclaws that discovered they needed a new route to the jump off points to attack on the left, not barksdale

  21. Well Yankees, how you like your freed niggers now? They gonna be the death of you!!!

  22. lightsone2 says:

    I see some of the Confederate soldiers in this have very long hair. Remember, lice were rampant in both armies and the men didn't wear their hair long.

  23. Fuck the confederate ass racist bitches go northern troops.

  24. Cap Stevens says:

    Confederate Army is a organized unit of men who were very familiar with guns and hunting thus was a huge advantage over the union Army who were largely large groups of men who were raised in the city's of the north with very little experience with guns and hunting. Country Boys are more equipped mentally to be of a higher caliber soldier in a time of war.

  25. Mr Voxel says:

    1:11:42 How unfortunate for that one guy behind

  26. Only the dead have seen the end of wars.        Plato

  27. Daniel D says:

    It's all good brother. At the end of the day, we're all just people, trying to live our lives. Respect and forgiveness is the key. It's been well over 150 years since the Civil war. I think it's time we made our peace with it and stop fighting about things in the past.

  28. James Robert says:

    The poor Union 11th Corps. Comprised heavily of Germans and foreigners they always got placed in the worst situations and overrun. They forever had the mantra of defeat and being a bunch of 'losers' by the other Corps in the Army of the Potomac. Not by any fault on the part of the soldiers, but the lousy commanders they always seemed to get.

  29. It's a little sad to see people on here defending the Confederates. They were totally in the wrong and they got their asses kicked for it. And rightly so. Good riddance.

  30. More Click-Baiting. Thumbs Down Everyone! This is NOT and never was 'BBC'. They do that to get you to click, so I click and complain!

  31. whiff1962 says:

    In the opening battle scene, there are no bayonets affixed during this frontal assault!

  32. elora Desuyo says:

    107,190 views. I wasn't born with this history but films, actors and special effects made money for viewing. I always pity for the dead soldiers who didn't knew who won the war.

  33. Can you say Northern and English propoganda? My goodness, one of the most lopsided mock u menteries I've seen. Btw I'm an historian. Lincoln signed the articles of inc. for the US in 1861, that's what started it. And it finished with the Act of 1871 turning the US into an official corporation under the British Crown, again. The charter for United States Inc ran out on September 15th 2001. Coincidence? Lol, I don't believe in coincidences. Why do you think it's called the Anglo-American Empire now?

  34. The BBC is the epitome of the globalists mouth peice.

  35. amazing learning experience! Thank you!

  36. THEy should make a big bronze satue of African American stretcher  men

  37. 3:55 is probably the single greatest scene in the history of recorded media

  38. Wait – if the Confederates – the moment they made Picketts Charge and started getting blasted by Union guns and muskets / rifles why didn't the commanders perhaps order a quick RETREAT! I mean lets put 'pride and opportunity and honor and WE MUST WIN' aside – I mean the stance 'to retreat to fight another day' given wounded or dead soldiers – that is very badly wounded soldiers won't be able to do much in a battle compared to a soldier who retreats but can always fight another day provided theydon't get traumatized or such right? I mean rather than lose half the entire force of over 10K soldiers and such … couldn't the Confederates have retreated and hence regrouped to fight another day or such?

    On a side note – I was watching Zulu / Battle of Islawanda and I came to wondering IF the Zulus in a similar amount of numbers and presumably armed with well the British Henri-Martini rifles / carbines and with cavalry could they have done something similar to Picketts Charge?

  39. Would it have been a better chance of success IF the Confederates perhaps invested in body armor for their infantry soldiers? I mean artillery could still maim soldiers but atleast better protection from fragments and bullets and whatnots yes? And not to mention wouldn't the use of a form of say a crude-self propelled gun system and better communications have had a different impact on Gettsburg and on Pickett's Charge?

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