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  1. oncall21 says:

    Every Yank needs to see this because everyone I met had no idea that the Aussies/Anzac's were involved in Vietnam.

  2. oncall21 says:

    1:26:48. No wonder so many suffered from PTSD!!!!!

  3. Wow the determanation , Bravery , Of all the men in this Documentary is  astounding.. I would like to thank them all for there Service..

  4. Fricki g amazing aussies.thanks.

  5. red barron says:

    Respect, what an incredible story of mate ship and the Australian attitude, never ever give up. Respect from ex B Coy 2/4RAR Grunt…

  6. Thank you for posting this – good to hear and be shown an Aussie version of 'Vietnam'. Thanks to all the men who chose to be there and thank you to all who got a letter in the post telling them that they were required to go. Thank you for going through this for your fellow Australians (whether what you had been told was politically factual or not, your actions were coming from a place of purity).

  7. ytugtbk says:

    Brave men. The only North Vietnam won was a) they were willing to take more casualties than the the US, and b) LBJ feared Chinese involvement.

  8. Long Tan 50 years today. Much respect to the men who fought and gave their lives .

  9. The Vietnamese proved incredible willpower and will to sacrifice in their struggle for independence from colonialism. The soldiers were truly heroic.

  10. Enigma 1968 says:

    I'm ex 4RAR, Some of these new Australian hating migrants should take note of this doco and the ANZAC fighting spirit.We are very different from the school yard cry baby snowflakes that melt in battle that these bearded 7th century retards are.

  11. micamojo says:

    On the 50th anniversary today. Lest we forget.

  12. Decibel. says:

    Fucking amazing and shitty, 50 years ago today, very emotional.

    "Took your fuckin time didn't ya" True aussie :D.

  13. bohicagaming says:

    Awesome documentary and nice to learn some Aussie history. Much respect from this former paratrooper.

  14. kevin00714 says:

    When most people think about Vietnam, they just think about the USA, The Aussie's, Kiwi's, Canada, and possibly the most evil fighters….the ROK's did some serious damage there. Shame the thousands of young men that died or were wounder for absolutely nothing.

  15. Jay Jay says:

    A most unfortunate war. Respect to everyone who went through it, on both sides.

  16. Paul Flak says:

    Any more plans on making more diggers in Vietnam?? Love to see more on the armoured regiment and their effective role in the jungle.

  17. Just Doit says:

    They should name a big tough car after BUICK.

  18. Albert Ross says:

    That men should kill one another for want of somewhat else to do, which is the case of all volunteers in war, seems to be so horrible to humanity that there needs no divinity to control it.
    Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon

  19. older men now we will never forget them

  20. Tracybeme says:

    BZ. Lessons learned. Good doc, particularly the FOB's shot calls. Looking forward to the movie. I watched it twice. Rent a dozer mate, saves on the back. Sunray 6RAR is a good title for the motion picture. I was amazed that sunray jr. called exact numbers instead of percent effective.

  21. wow…. very moving documentary…

  22. eye eye says:

    10000. 0000000 respect to all who served, hat off to you all brave men. you made me cry………………

  23. suiterd62 says:

    All respect to Australian and New Zealand militarily. They have been a rock of courage and stability for over two centuries. Regards DRS / USMC 1966 – 1970 RVN 67 – 68 – 69

  24. ming luo says:

    Are some of them carrying Owens?

  25. ming luo says:

    Are some of them carrying Owens?

  26. LuckyLucy says:

    My Grandaddy spent a year in the swampy jungle in the American Army dodging hot lead long just enough to stay alive to catch a bird back to the States and he say'd the Australians bailed them out of a nasty ambush firefight outnumbered and out of ammo on their weak flank by the VC in the Central Valley highlands in 1968 and they paid them back by buying the Aussies some rounds of drinks and dancing young women when they both got a 3 day R&R pass in Saigon shortly after. cheers! mates from the USA

  27. Nearly 3minutes in he mentions the kiwis, stop getting butt hurt we know you were there…attention seeking children.

  28. kudos, this was brilliantly documeted, keep it up.

  29. Every time I am in Vietnam I play this, and it draws all nationalities to view in silence. Good job Martin.

  30. Hank S says:

    This is really good. A lot better than the boring stuff that usually plays on the History Channel.

  31. Tom Keir says:

    Respect to you Diggers, & Kiwi's.
    And well done Martin Walsh for posting this.

  32. mitch blum says:

    Stand tall,men and thank you for your service ,blood and honor!

  33. roflastc says:

    shame that there wasnt more talk by the Bt445 guy from the vietnamese side

  34. Ian Davies says:

    Amazing work. Very insightful, thanks.

  35. So proud. to be Australian.

  36. The Australian Government should reintroduce the National Service System.

  37. without doubt one of thr best docos ive ever watched 'she'll be right mate…we can handle it' I cant describe how proud this makes me to be an Australian , This should shown across our nation every single year and it should be a story every single person growing up in this country knows , Completely brilliant mate 👍

  38. Storm Rider says:

    Very touching. Brave lads. Now do a doco on the Vietnamese soldiers who died repelling foreign invaders of their lands! Brave men and women who keep coming despite knowing their attempts were a suicide mission, but fought out of national pride.

  39. Lest we forget! Much respect to the men who fought and gave their lives. Aussies heroes

  40. Steve Mack says:

    THE BEST Docco on the topic!

  41. Jake Seymour says:

    Simply a brilliant doco. I feel ashamed as a young Australian at the way our Vietnam vets were treated. Thank you for your service at Long Tan, Vietnam and in all other conflicts ANZACS. Lest we forget

  42. This was, and will likely remain, one of the best films I have ever seen.

    What these men faced down was almost unimaginable and to hear them recounting their experiences was so fascinating.

    I've never had such a pride in being from the same country as these guys and it is a wonderful thing you've done to immortalize these men and their service.

    When I was about 18, I made a decision not to enlist in the military and now years later, having witnessed their story, I feel disappointed in myself that I didn't join and follow in their footsteps.

    I'm even more proud to be an Australian for having seen this.

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