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12 Responses

  1. Ceman says:

    why cant i meet women like that Abigail lady :(

  2. Petrazenka says:

    Will amino acids always form nucleic acids that build life if the conditions are right or is an outside “intelligent” force needed to spark life into it? Did all life on earth evolve from the same DNA strand or did DNA strands evolve several different places during same time period that life became possible? If DNA evolved several places on earth around same time would it all be identical or would there be regional differences? If there were regional differences could this have resulted in the different KINGDOMS of types of life we know today? If all life evolved from same strand DNA is there a source code embedded in all DNA today from the original DNA strand that all
    life on earth evolved from?

  3. So…. Just watching the documentary and at 16:10 I hear them say my full name lol

  4. Bloxster ZBR says:

    I have already discovered the meaning of life.

  5. Bone Check says:

    All these ducementaries are the same.

  6. jfrich1 says:

    I cannot wait until we discover Life on another planet even Bacteria, because it will finally kill GOD! Then we can all get along and stop killing each other over religion.

  7. JustB3NJI says:

    2:23 Fuck listening to that retard I'm off.

  8. Ben A says:

    the one question these window licking liberal propaganda spewing fucktard evolutionist cant explain is WHERE DOES THE INFORMATION COME FROM IN THE DNA … THEY CANT..


  9. Mars is dead – its dynamo slowed down & stopped which is why it has no electromagnetic field, no atmosphere & no volcanic activity. And when the dynamo died, the electromagnetic energy returned to the planet in a gigantic backspike which lashed the planet on a massive scale. This is why it's covered in dendritic lines which they mistake for ancient water valleys – there is no reason to believe that Mars ever had more water than our planet did in the beginning, before the other 80% was added. It's also why the planet is covered in blueberries which still eludes researchers.
    The planet has been 'welded' to death by its own magnetic field & it is dead, it's just a question of how long ago it died…

  10. their space ships give me cancer