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  1. What the last 4 generations before us did haunts us and will haunt us for a very long time. Just because one is stronger doesn't mean one has to exploit that. It's all a matter of choices. Let's make better ones.

  2. Why don't you talk about how Muhammad was pretty much a racist, a pedophile, a narcissist, and a warmonger that did everything ISIS is doing today?

  3. "Authoritarian governments aren't that bad!" *proceeds to cock gun*

  4. Jacob Aguiar says:

    If the West hadn't rose we might not be about to destroy ourselves through climate change.

  5. Lars Chue says:

    Rise of the West, Christian Resurgence, The Rapture, Guns, Steel, and White Jesus. Non-Whites becoming irrelevant in the end world.

  6. 0:07 Goooood Mythical Morninggg Ahhh

  7. Whytebio says:

    Make Asia Great Again.

  8. Razro Orion says:

    1337 Our language.

  9. Joseph G says:

    The west is the best…

  10. Good Mythical Morning!

  11. AnselAli says:


  12. Skrub Boy says:

    You call Indianapolis a town?

  13. (4:22)gheigis john? you get a like for that one!

  14. The Kneee says:

    I might be hella late, but GMM shirt on me from the past! PogChamp

  15. Novarugby10 says:

    you finally seem happy again in your videos!

  16. hitchpster says:

    5:44 – John Green mistakes materialism, "a form of philosophical monism which holds that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all phenomena, including mental phenomena and consciousness, are results of material interactions. Materialism is closely related to physicalism, the view that all that exists is ultimately physic." as opposition to trascendental dualism, a tenet necessary to many if not all religions, with Coke and Flappy Bird, i.e. CONSUMERISM. A layman's mistake.

  17. TdogEagles says:

    How is him from the past wearing a good mythical morning t-shirt

  18. You should have a video on the Sino-Japanese War


  20. Potato Eater says:

    wut abt south asia?

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