Apocalypse: The Second World War – (1/6) – Aggression (1933–1939) HD

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  1. Haseeb Khan says:

    LION RED Army! I love Russia so much… LONG LIVE RUSSIA! Salute to Russia….

  2. Adolf Hitler was one of the few Politician who meant what he said and wrote.
    Read Hitlers book, Mein Kampf and watch Hitler's speeches for more information.
    Personally I believe Hitler rushed into war without thinking about the potential consequences of his actions. His naive belief that Western countries would keep out and Soviet Russia would be a walk in the park were foolish decision that doomed Axis countries to defeat, occupation and humiliation.
    Hitler's barbaric regime oppressed Germany and all of Europe. Hitler started the war, Stalin finished it!

  3. Paul Renfrew says:

    The first casualty of war is the truth .

  4. mojo jojo says:

    this is so full of anti Hitler propaganda like everything else. Yes Hitler was a corrupt dictator like all the rest but just about everything you hear in these documentaries can't be believed.
    If you want to hear the truth about Hitler and why he invaded and why Germany was really bombed and if you want to learn what really happened in the camps, listen to WW2 Historian David Irving. One of only a few historians that aren't afraid to print the truth

  5. Snafuski says:

    Drole de guerre means "peculiar war," not "funny war".

  6. pytko3 says:

    If this dude wanted to wipe out France, I'd help him do it. Fucking frogs never did one good thing for the world since the days of Napoleon.

  7. Professor JB says:

    Did the Polish cavalry really charge German tanks? I had Polish people tell me this is a lie and they only charged infantry but were caught by tanks by surprise

  8. 40:15 An advert on a bus? Demanding a referendum? A hate group of thumping great racists? My God, that sounds awfully familiar…

  9. rape least they were still alive unlike their Jewish victims.

  10. brian sparks says:

    If hitle was. President in the 40 's. Than why he wear war uniform

  11. ausgezeichnete dokumentation !!! absolut sehenswert.
    bisher nie gesehene aufnahmen. packt euer englisch aus und los gehts!!!

  12. Elr James says:

    The idea that Polish cavalry charged German tanks has no basis in reality. Their cavalry squadrons were instructed to make a surprise attack through forests and take German positions from the rear, and they did succeed in inflicting losses on their enemies. However, German armoured forces showed up and forced them to retreat in the short order. These reverses were predictably subjected to the hyperbole of German commanders, which was subsequently repeated by war correspondents.

  13. J.London says:

    Wow the footage is restored incredibly well!

  14. stopa multik says:

    Please help!
    What music on 18:06

  15. at the beginning when the russians are coming out of the buildings ,,they look like ants at work ,,,

  16. One of the best documentaries on WWII I have ever seen

  17. Hypnotic says:

    The colorization of the killed laying on the ground showing the redness of their blood bring another aspect to the horror that the black and white could not do.

  18. Steve 123 says:

    form of thoughts

  19. alvin jones says:

    You know…Hitler was a sucky murderer and general bad guy…but the reason he got power was because the equally murderous Communists were ALSO fighting in the streets to take over and bring in their own reign of terror….sad thing is that the RUssians also invaded poland and grabbed the half the Germans missed….they ended up with all of Eastern Europe until the colapse of communism- a whole generation. Not that I like Hitler, or Stalin, but honestly the story is way more complex then you will ever know just from watching TV…I recomend the book "1924" about the beer hall putsch.

  20. The gas memory, uh, i can still smell it.

  21. history view says:

    thanks for sharing excellent documentary.

  22. Sadly Germany LOST.
    The royal family would get their German name back, There would be no Polish, Muslims, Blacks, gypsies, pathetic lying MPs, Corrupt police, judges a better place in what we have now which is fuckall.

  23. Andrew ILeo says:

    POLISH CAVALRY NEVER CHARGED GERMAN TANKS! It's a one big B.S! Who did make this movie!? A Moran!?

  24. Chuka Amur says:

    It is like today america waging war with weaker countries

  25. tHE COLORIZATION of this fine footage makes it look cheap and gawdy. Original black & white has it's own life & magic ….but you have no respect for the art. Black & white tells more truth than color ever will….colorization makes B&W look warm and fuzzy….so sad !

  26. neo sam says:

    jewish propaganda

  27. David Boson says:

    I wish they would stop calling football war, and dancing a battle, and singing to the death!

    War is death, destruction, rape and murder.

  28. parshiwal887 says:

    0:51, why did he shoot his own man ?

  29. joe stan says:

    who were more brutal dictators of all…was it Hitler or Stalin…both of them…lol…what was ironic is that most intellectuals,the elite or the educated polish were executed by the soviets and the Soviets execute the poor,disabled,jews,communists or the mentally unstable…

  30. ALOHA ……..mahalo for the post -i finally found some i never seen and i see alot of them

  31. il/arb/shqip says:

    hitler wants to Make America Great Again

  32. Jeff Maylor says:

    WWII killed 60 millions White people, gave Stalin victory and surrendered a third of the world to Communism. We are supposed to celebrate this "victory"?

  33. Keep crying all those motherfucker Jews wile millions in Africa "TODAY"
    are suffering hungry and starvation little children are dying each hour
    we watch this fucking Jew propaganda movie against the fucking Nazis .
    Fuck all this shit , war is in the pass now we have to feed the people
    of the entire planet sons of bitches rich Jews and non Jews rich
    motherfuckers liars religious pigs. Same goes for all the of the entire
    world surrounded by liars politicians and religious pigs that live up at
    top of the fucking pyramid planning how they gone to brainwash the
    idiots the next day. Fuck this shit movie and fuck you all brainwashed
    sons of bitches coward pigs !!! Fuck you all hypocrites bastards !!!…
    I do not buy your shit anymore I know or ready where is the cancer in
    the fucking system and is there where the rich do they lie the
    motherfucker damned rich pigs…

  34. swagonwheels says:

    We of todays well informed world would have no excuse for such behaviours, but then I wonder how we'd feel about each of the enemies if they'd treated us the way the Germans treated people whom they declared war on.

    Lots of this is mans emotive reactions to an unimaginable horror, it is therefore, understandable, whereas the Germans, just like the Japanese, simply committed atrocities as a method of scaring the people they planned to plunder.

    Hitler had to be stopped, and those who'd suffered his horror, had a right to get their revenge, after all, the Germans dealt it out, so they knew if their plans went wrong, they'd get it back, but they went ahead anyway, so they got what they deserved, which cannot be said about the innocents the Germans massacred.

    Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks they can behave like the Germans and Japanese, in the end, they'll get back what they dished out.

  35. paul h says:

    see russia can not be trusted …………..ever

  36. k m venezia says:

    At 50 to 51 seconds in, incredible shot of the Russian artillery piece killing or wounding Russian soldier who was too close to the discharge. The history of war never shows you this happening, but killing your own troops was ALL TOO COMMON.

  37. If only trump had been around he could have saved all of these women from being raped by shoving his hand into their chinas

  38. I wonder why the narrow mustache isn't more popular? Why didn't it take off? I mean time magazine the Olympic Games a book where you bitch about being crazy and anti Semitic and less than average, the 12 year thousand year Reich?!

  39. Steve 123 says:

    they were many by themself

  40. Steve 123 says:

    you talk so because you do not know the strength of God. Js Ct NT

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