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  1. Hillary is the love-child of Satan and the Wicked Witch of the West.

  2. Joe Garnier says:

    Donald Trump has a moral base beyond his own selfish interests, and he tells the truth. Hillary Clinton is an arrogant witch who thinks she can manipulate the public-educated masses around her finger to do her will, which is consolidation of all power and material in her hands. She never built anything, she has no experience in the real world.

  3. No confidence, no trust, no accountability in Killary!

  4. Thank you Anonymous! Thank you…

  5. My nickname is hilLIARy.

  6. Lawyers are Born Lawyers. I did not say they are born LIARs.

  7. only 1 email is identified as classified, unavailable to the public, i wonder what was in that email. Maybe it has broken the chain so hillary can still come out on top…

  8. ArisCarroll says:

    the only living room shes ever visited were those of wallmart exectuves and those of people like paul kagame, this woman makes me sick to my stomach

  9. Ralleyy says:

    Wtf? "only released 1 half of 1% of its records?"
    Why the hell would anyone call it like that? Just say " only relased 0.5% of its records?" …. god damnit

  10. DaManEX1983 says:

    And this was BEFORE 2009! This could have a sequel.

  11. Brian Shy says:

    This group promises everything and what they will do . . But it's all talk . Still waiting on the video about bill and his child sex crimes back on oct 11th never came out with that. Then they said wait till Monday surprise to end Hillary Clinton . Never showed up with that either . This group is a joke folks

  12. dmenace says:

    hillary and trump are just puppets, please do something about Rothschild, the kings of kings for the past hundreds of years needs to be taken out of power. them and their associates have been playing the world for fools, can you really say the problems are just in the country, the united states has a puppet master and so does just about every other country in the world. we cannot prevail if we chase ghosts who are replaceable. JFK stood for idealist rights and was shot because he was not going to comply with the higher powers demands. i'm tired of seeing this world reach its end and put land and war over everything else, the federal reserve and all the banks all over the world are in control of the Rothschild members and associates. we cannot change the world if they are still standing

  13. If Anonymous is supposed to be a Progressive organization, why do they need to present the point of view of people like Ann Coulter? Hillary is like any other politician. She is also a smart lawyer and not stupid enough to do most of the things she is accused of. I think Hillary bashing is sexist and cowardly and I think Anonymous should get a life.

  14. darknite888 says:

    just makes u wonder, if any of this is untrue she could sue the filmmakers. and the are probably dozen of nasty documentaries about the Clintons. if they made a bogus documentary about trump, hmmm… pretty sure he will sure

  15. saymehname says:

    And you fuckers dared vote for her. Dumb asses in the words of Red Forman.

  16. Elie Haddad says:

    Seriously Anonymous ?
    Asking republicans about Hillary clinton ?
    Preaching conspiracy theories based on no evidence ?
    Sharing a youtube video entitled "Hillary Clinton lying for 12 minutes straight" that is about taking words out of context ?
    Again seriously anonymous ?

  17. LIft people up not push them down, does she mean in this life or the next to follow? or just a nightmare.

  18. The vast right wing conspiracy is this lingo for the word law abiding citizen. Unlike themselves.

  19. I understand that most of the documentary causes enrage. But what is so bad about free medical insurance for everyone?

  20. twigg 05 says:

    Hillary Clinton's daughter is running for New York Congress so she has another chance

  21. Steve C says:

    Oh Great! Another Clinton Hit piece. ZZZzzz..!! This isn't biased AT ALLL!!

  22. Lionel Moss says:

    I know one thing and one thing only about politics, and that is that no matter what party you talk about. Their method of attacking the opposition is character assassination and innuendo.  People believe what they want, which most of the time has nothing to do with the truth. The nature of a politician is to want power, and some if not most will do or say anything to gain that power. This supposed documentary is so obviously Republican produced it is laughable. Not to say that the Democrats are any better. I am losing hope that the human race is going to last much longer, when we are so easily lead down the garden path!!

  23. pugsan says:

    A tomato can would've been a better choice vs Clinton on Nov 8th. Jesus.

  24. Puppets…all of them smh

  25. Using polygraphs, really? Hugely damages the reputation of Anonymous when they use discredited fantasy lie detector results.

  26. paused at 8:48…there…you see a two faced woman

  27. Fuck hillary she got it in the ass!!! hahahahaha!!!!

  28. Godzilla says:

    Mrs. Hillary Clinton is a cold blooded snake. The only thing in her mind right now and her ultimate goal is to to do anything to harm the new President Mr. Donald Trump at all cost. He should put Hillary away forever behind bars before she bites him. She is extremely dangerous to America.

  29. Who is hillary, This doc asks? ….she is a Republican-lite. She is a corporatist-centrist, this is why she lost. With Trump it is a wildcard, so far his picks do not look favorable for the future. He picks establishment warhawks and people for the rich. Hillary would've too tho. Hillary at least was predictible. Trump is not, maybe we could get lucky with Trump and he will do the same as Hillary or 10% better, this is the best hopeful outcome. The worst outcomes are war in iran, war with russia/china, nukes being used, global warming destroying the planet, economies crashing.

    I think all the worst things would've happened under Hillary, but maybe have taken 6-8 years. Under Trump I think the economy will crash and war may happen by year 3 or 4 instead. Who knows tho, i am just speculating after watching this shit show for the last 15 years.

  30. God I hate Ann Coulter. She is so pompous and arrogant. Doesn't matter who she's discussing.

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