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  1. Nathan Moore says:

    Thanks for the video. Remember; don't read Youtube comments if you want to protect yourself from ignorance.

  2. 16MXD says:

    A shame Joe Chamberlain didnt persuade the country to go for the fortress empire idea-would have kept the empire together and may have acted to stabilise the world through the 20th century if the Fortress Empire became a stronger force than the ascending military powers of Europe

  3. KurtB says:

    Boer war "Concentration camps" – while undoubtedly there was no intention to kill women and children, it happened due to disease and malnutrition. The only way to win a guerilla war is to eliminate the local support, and that, the British did. But they needed to better care for those in custody. I don't know what the answer is… maybe never get involved in a colonial imperialist war in the first place.

  4. Yes it seemed a bit lefty to me as well.
    Wonder how the ave brit is enjoying the brave new world?

  5. FurryAminal says:

    The Lefty bias in Marr's approach is incredible!

  6. Lostlikeyou says:

    The audio for this is absolute cack

  7. Lostlikeyou says:

    Can barely hear andrew marr, piece of shit, fucking shit upload

  8. why is the volume so low?

  9. Is it just me! it seems very clear Whites in Britain have killed and in-salved people all over the world and called it Empire, Whites in Germany have killed and in salved people all over Europe and called it living space, Whites in America have killed and in salved people in North America and called it a country.

    What is consistent here is White people lack any regard for humanity and history has recorded this as fact

  10. fly bobbie says:

    Like his documentaries, hate his Sunday talk show. Typical BBC bias.

  11. fly bobbie says:

    The World hates the British for it's Empire.They all secretly envy what they achieved.

  12. Martin Putt says:

    Does anyone know the song at around 51:2052:00 minutes? I've heard it loads but can't find the name anywhere.

  13. Luka Mair says:

    Scottish engineering, Irish slave labor, Jewish finance, and English ruthlessness.

  14. Cyril says:

    45:34 Holy shit, Stalin's driving.

  15. Adam Taylor says:

    from concentration camps, eugenics, war mongers, elitism and trade tariffs to reform, suffragettes and Labour. The people united will never be defeated.

  16. Why would anyone think that allowing monarchs to live a life completely detached from reality – eating mounds of food every day while people starved – could create anyone other than a greedy, self-centered, glutton like King Edward VII?

  17. Wow…this comment section is just the worst.

  18. britishers are thief & butcher who make their modern britain by blood and money of innocent INDIANS

  19. David Solis says:

    I find this documentary lacking in terms of expressing British oppression and claims of British freedoms.

  20. Faz IV says:

    Anyone else do the GCSE coursework 2016 on quotes from this?

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