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  1. The old civilizations of China, Japan and Korea were founded and ruled by white / indogermanic people (Tocharians, Saken). Also the great Mongol leaders like Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan (even Tamerlane) were blonde, red-haired and blue / grey eyed. Genghis Khans family was called "Bushikun" what means "people with grey eyes"

  2. They was ancient huns. The ANCIENT HUNS were turanic and europid peoples. The old hunnic homeland was between Volga and South Ural (East Europe) and Kazahstan (Central Asia). The ethnic map of Central Asia was totally different than today. Just look the indoeuropean migration in Asia: aryans to India, afghans, persians to South Asia or blonde mumies in Tarim Basin (Far East), or the old tibetan myths about pale skinned peoples etc… Central Asia, Caucasus, Near East, and South West Asia were indoeuropean. The ancient Hun Empire has been collapsed to three part: 1. ASIAN HUNS = they were living in Far East, and they were mixed with chinese and other asian peoples, and thats why they were mongoloids. The ancestors of modern mongolians are asian huns, many mongolian people have blonde hair or blue eyes, this is ancient indoeuropean heritage. 2. WHITE HUNS (hephthalites) = they were living in Central Asia, and they were white europid peoples (just look their name). The ancestors of kazakhs, uzbeks, tajiks, uigurs etc are white huns. Unfortunatelly they were belong to Mongolian Empire between 12-17 century and they were mixed with mongolians, thats why the modern peoples in Central Asia have turanic (half europid/half mongoloid) ethnicity. Another example: look the turkish peoples in Anatolia! They are turkic (like kazaks, tajiks etc) but they have nothing to do with mongols, they look to be european. The turkish genetic and peoples are simmilar with greeks, albanians, south italians and spanish peoples, because the ancestors of turkish peoples were white huns. 3. EUROPEAN HUNS = they were living in East and Central Europe and Attila was the king of european huns, of course they were white european with few turanic blood. The ancestors of hungarians, bulgars, kazars, avars, finns, estonians, latvians, ancient prussians (they are germanized baltic finno ugric peoples) are european huns. But many eastern slavic tribe, barbarian germans (vandals, eastern goths), indoeuropean scytians were living in Empire of Attila and they were belong to hun culture and army. THE POINT: the original huns were indoeuropean, they came from East Europe and Central Asia. The east indoeuropeans, turkic peoples, and finno ugrics had common ancestors and heritage. They were huns and white ethnicity in past. The hunnic language is unfortunatelly unknown, but i think it was indoeuropean, turkic and finno ugric mixed language.

  3. I've a feeling people back then were not as we'd judge them based on our current lives circumstances. For instance, due to the absence of hollywood portrayed images & self-consciousness in term of personal appearance (read checking ourselves in the mirror on a regular basis ) & just the need for basic human needs made it more probable they got along well much easily

  4. LOL The Cumans are not a secret.

  5. Brant Liu says:

    This documentary is rather old. It has been a common sense that native Caucasians and Han Chinese immigrants had been cohabiting in oasis around the desert in Xingjiang before the Turkification and the islamisation of this area. The ancestry of modern Uyghur people are not equivalent to the ancient Turkic tribe-Uyghur, rather the mixed-blood descendants of Karluks, ancient Uyghur, native Caucasians, Mongolians and Han Chinese. However, without a doubt, their language and culture are Turkified.

  6. Brant Liu says:

    I am shocked by profound stupidity and ignorance of some white people and Asians. The fact that the native Caucasians once established their own vibrant civilisation in Tarim Basin is totally irrelevant to the race of elites in imperial Chinese court and other East Asian civilisation. It's a matter of co-existence. There has been some many ancient records on the communication between Han Chinese civilisation and native Caucasian city states in Tarim Basin. Anyway, based on your ignorance, you won't know the difference between mainland China and Tarim Basin (Xingjiang). Modern Chinese state is a different concept from the historical realm of China.

  7. Dang, people getting butthurt over mummies. Get it together, you turds. We wuz caucasians n sheeeit.

  8. Shreem says:

    This ended on a great note. Many people have traveled this globe for over 10,000 years, I believe.

  9. Paul Revere says:

    The "Uighur Empire" stretched its powerful arms from the Pacific Ocean across Central Asia and into Eastern Europe from the Caspian Sea on. The southern boundary of the Uighur Empire was along the northern boundaries of Cochin China, Burma, India and Persia, and this was before the Himalayas and the other Asiatic mountains were raised.- Their northern boundary extended into Siberia, but how far there is no record to tell. Remains of their cities have been found in the southern parts of Siberia.

  10. hdjd jdjd says:

    its called gentic drift just because they have so called caucasion features does not make them "white" or european in any sense. they are and always have been eurasian caucasions..

  11. hdjd jdjd says:

    get ur heads out ur azzes with this eurocentric bs.

  12. hdjd jdjd says:

    genetically they are a mix as much as anyother regional population, including europe itself. the tarim basin has always been a major crossroads.

  13. Eddie1967 says:

    more asleep then dead?…oh…they look rather dead to me!

  14. boboy says:

    In many ancient Chinese books, these people were described as "high nose, big eyes, red hair" – Of course they are white…… I thought it's just a common sense.
    After Tukic people conquered Xinjiang, the native white people lost their languages and "blonde" features.

  15. al1a1 says:

    I don't know about Celts. In the Old-Testament Is mentioned "The tribe of Jafeth". It's location is distant far the north from Israel. Jafeth=pretty. May be blond or red haired

  16. LOL ! They were NOT of european origin! They were Scythians (An ancient nomadic iranian People) Some triebes of them settled in eastern europe better known as The Sarmatians, others migrated north-eastwards to (present-day) Kazakhstan, Mongolia and western china..

  17. Livin' Rob says:

    Nicolas Cage died in China and became a mummy????

  18. white ppl have absolutely no culture or history. this is why they keep trying to place themselves in other ancient civilizations

  19. NutNapalm says:


  20. Mr. Florida says:

    But why did they go to Asia in the first place??

  21. It whas a tribe call Jonas from Epir

  22. Opiated 91 says:

    LMAO at hatin ass black people.

  23. Jon Mars says:

    Terms such as "White People" are meaningless. Even the term "European" is poorly defined due to the fact Europeans are a mixture of early hunter gatherers, Aegean Neolithic farmers and pastoralists of the Eurasian steppe. Waves of people immigrating into Europe over many thousands of years blending into today's European people.
    If and when proper genetic studies are fully conducted on these mummies, I believe the oldest will be found consistent with pastoralists of the Eurasian steppe. Around 4500 years ago, pastoralists known as the Yamnaya began mass migrations westward into Europe but also eastward into Asia. They were light skinned, blond haired people with brown eyes. They are also believed to be the original source for the Indo European language group. Those that migrated westward into Europe found fertile land and good climate. Their descendants there were known as the Corded Ware Culture. Those that migrated into Xinjiang found a harsh environment difficult to manage. It appears they clung to life there for thousands of years until migrations of people from east Asia joined them. Genetic studies indicate the two peoples blended. Traces of their combined genetic legacy continue to this day.

  24. Kevin Graham says:

    I wonder if the Chinese people have white European blood in them they could

  25. Matt Van says:

    These were ancient Israelites, most likely some of the "lost ten tribes" of Israel which when freed from the Assyrian captivity went down onto China and made friends….obviously they were buried with respect and honor by the ancient Chinese.

  26. LOLO Crazy says:

    Im white and i call….BULLSHIT on this……evidently some euro looking people died in this place…..also red hair and green or blue eyes do not belong only to us white people and we were evolving humans from africa who evolved differently and shared many same charactoristics…..chinese folks may have looked white in certain areas or whites evolved asian features out of africa thousands upon thousands of years later but dont take culture from asian people….They do have the oldest writen history that blacks try and rebuke saying africans could write … NOPE ASIANS HAVE OLDEST WRITEN HISTORY.

  27. "Y'all ain't from around here, are ya boys!

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