ANCIENT EGYPT’S Advanced Engineering Structures – Documentary Films

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  1. danny Dell says:

    Answer to the pyramids is SIMPLE. Want to know it? Research Coral Castle. You can see with your own eyes how simple antigravity is. But theres 1 thing you wont find. What is TONE of the sound… What is the voltage of electricity… What is the pulse of the sound and/or electricity.. Any common sense person would be able to Discover the proper doses of each by order of eliminiation in the proper lab w/resources. SO!! its no secret. The ancients used Men with Voices humming a tone. and had the electricity from under the pyramid with water and minerals in a cavity of hydraulics. THERE YOU GO! Secret is open for all to see now…. FUCK YOU PTB!!!

  2. bob barker says:

    thumbs down for Zahi Hawass, keeping knowledge from the public and corrupting the truth

  3. Hrant george says:

    "By the time moses left Egypt this place had already been here a 1000 years."
    I thought this was a documentary on Egyptian history and not christian mythology. There was no moses, nor an exodus of non-existent Jewish slaves.

  4. Sivak Games says:

    Hosted by RoboCop.

  5. nurcan nU says:

    Egyptians were mad genius freaks and they knew how to handle supernaturally

  6. Bunch of malarkey…

  7. NaCOrVa says:

    All these so called expert sciencetist and researchers are fart tard retardant. 

  8. all thees is on world war and what to do to bring it back.

  9. Jo Mgn says:

    biggest load of bullshit ever?

  10. jim jimmy says:

    As soon as I hear this narrator I just turn it off ….

  11. Gio Bajuelo says:

    look up hek293 most y'all niggas drinkin and eatin human embryo cells they Putin it in are food and drinks and callin it natural flavoring

  12. More white people obsessed with African teachings lol look at you all.

  13. Wanna hear a joke?

    Read more

  14. *E*T* says:

    Howcome there's a pic in front when you choose a vid…and you never see the pic in the video??..ClickBaiting!??

  15. Fecking LOSER ! If you want attention (which you probably don't get enough…) AT LEAST upload your videos in a better quality ! By the way…VERY original channel name… MORON !

  16. Corristo89 says:

    Peter Weller is actually a historian who mainly studies Roman and Renaissance art and has a doctorate at Syracuse University. So he's not just some actor they roped in to narrate, but actually someone who knows and respects history on a profressional level. So that's pretty cool.

  17. Majskatt says:

    Zahi Hawass supresses all findings that dont fit his theories as for what Egypt was in the past, As soon as he shows up the documentary goes into the trash bin

  18. it is really is pitiful and disgusting how European producers rape people of color of their histories…especially if they are not the star of the freakin show! it must be dreadful to feel so insecure that no one can celebrate racial accomplishments unless they are the stars. notice how the image of Africans with wide noses and full lips are shown when the word "cannibalism" is mentioned! like do they think we are so stupid that we don't this subtle sabotage. Really?? do you think we don't know that whites are not physically capable to have lived in such an environment back then. do you think we dont know of the absolute obsession whites had with Egypt and how they intermingled races to the point of them looking very different now. who's zooming who! we are really not that stupid. in fact you look stupid and miserably insecure for trying to manipulate history….WHAT CREEPS!!!!

  19. whites have their gifts and blacks have their gifts from God. why do you have to be so freakin jealous and insecure white storytellers!!! we are sorry you didn't get the gifts we got but you have extraordinary gifts too…gifts we greatly appreciate and love. you really need to stop behaving like this. it really is sad and you've embarrassed your race and caused strife that other whites are not responsible for. Stop it…just stop it. now give me a hug☺.

  20. Piramids weren't tombs!!!

  21. Knowing, Black true time and know how. Of which is claimed and contributed to others. I find it getting harder to understand. Way these claims are still held-up as the truth.

  22. If there's one thing I've learned it's that Egypt is a shriveled skeleton of its former self.

  23. Ed Bell says:

    smacks lips
    robs a liquor store
    steals a bike
    knocks out an elderly white man for no reason
    resists arrest
    goes for the officers gun
    shot by police

    RIP Michael Brown

  24. John Stots says:

    Outdated bullshit. Slaves with chisels? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  25. If you ever get the chance to go to the pyramids ,on the tour they will show you hieroglyphs on the wall just inside the main entrance with exact instructions on the building of the structures. seen it in 1995.simpel leverage. They got a frame outside the main pyramid that they will drive the tour buss into and then they will ask for two volunteers. one will go on one side of the buss one the other, then they will pull down on one timber each (a 4 by 4) and it will lift the buss 6 in.  they only use one hand. They don't tell this because it will take the mystery out of it and kill tourism.

  26. I only believe in History Channels Ancient Aliens series, they speak the truth. Man built nothing it was the Aliens lol. We were to stupid to do anything and still are. (sarcasm)

  27. John Smythe says:

    They wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ass. The pyramids were probably constructed more than 24,000 yrs ago, during a golden age. They also weren't tombs.

  28. oky the holes and the cutting you see at the piramids in egypt's are from looters that came with machine from this time periot to get a piece of the piramids as souvenir.. but the granit box and pottery is a mistery still :)

  29. Sesame Street is more informative than this. Americans need Hollywood actors to narrate documentaries for them. Gives them the hope that action may be just around corner. On new year´s eve they shout: "Happy birthday, USA!".

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