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  1. new facebook page to spread the joann fletcher love

  2. ones she say real Egyptian I like her even tho its real name is kemet

  3. Joe Pittman says:

    How do you survive in Africa with no MELANIN from a Black woman?? Im an archaeologist at Michigan State and have been to Egypt and researched many times with other foreign archaeologists and paleontologists. It was a Black Kingdom. get a passport and see for yourself. Nothing but African placentas on the walls there. You have to find something that predates the Black woman. No race does. Its really no more lies the people are finding out there culture with so much proof itscamazing. The artifacts and the hair. King Tuts dna was E1B1 the same as many Blacks globally. You can even google King Tuts grandmother "QUEEN TIYE" look at her bust and tell me if that looks like your grannie. The internet shows it all. Cant hide anything from this African civilization.

  4. Joe Pittman says:

    BLACK WOMAN NEEDS NO UMBRELLA IN AFRICA.hahahahaha. No MELANIN you die in no time……then and now. Show us an ancient white woman building in the 140degree African SUN…..and worshipping it:)

  5. Joe Pittman says:

    an UMBRELLA…."so it was in the beginning ,so it shall be in the end." The Black womans history is ancient as her melanin. Prove it not. No cracker jesus was ever in Africa.period. Give the Black womans history back. Or die.

  6. TONG SO says:

    좋은 영상 이집트 갑사합니다. 썸압^^

  7. frans jansen says:

    this is a clear and easy way of telling about ancient Egypt.
    bravo Joan.

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