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  1. What crap dod we learn in school? The Histery book,s don,t tell usthe truth,isnt this fact that Africa is the cradle of Earth

  2. K Bashasha says:

    Please take a note: there are No Arabs in Nubia (Sudan) period.
    This is very very critical to understand, or otherwise you will fall into the trap, set up by our conquerors who divided today's Nubia more than 60 years ago into Arabs or Northerners, VS. Africans or Southerners, while the whole country is called by these conquerors "Land of The Blacks" or Bilad AL Sudan!
    Do you see this?
    I see 99% of even our teachers and elders fall into this trap of looking to Northern Nubians or Sudanese as Arab and this is sad! what Africans don't know, how anti Arab feelings in the Far North is the strongest in the whole of Africa period!
    Specially between Dongola in Nubia and Aswan in Kemit (Egypt).
    Arab's mother was a Nubian or a Sudanese called "Hajir" for God sake!!
    If you ask why Sudanese or Nubians Call themselves Arabs, the answer is very simple:
    I hope you won't be shocked if I told you, how across Black Africa, No one as a rule call himself an "African"!
    I mean No one as a rule!
    very simple :
    Self hate!
    because as "Negros", and I mean this as mentally, spiritually, and psychologically, enslaved people, we see ourselves through the contact lenses of our conquerors, the "Slave Master"!
    as such we hate who he hate, and love who he love, as "House Niga's" to this day!
    Nubia given it's geographical location and the huge role it played it's literally the "Capital" of this self hate, and the identity crisis across the Black world, and this is natural and logical if we look to the whole thing as a Cycle!

  3. Brent M says:

    Amon Ra the hidden God uncaused Sun, Gate to loves limitless flaming oceans of living light…The eternal dreamer beyond the veil of this caused finite dream.. The uncaused living light above beyond and within the caused black sea of perpetual night the still silence of your dark boundless void of being. It is the holy light that descends as sacred sound heard with spirits boundless ear, too guide a traveler from the glare and illusion of this caused life of finite experiences. To the uncaused Oceans of loves living light the place where one is unborn and born again as the uncaused eternal infinite being I AM you are.

  4. sparticus785 says:

    Get intuned with nature and we can see what our ancestors knew. Knowthyself and then only can you love another being with unconditional luv. Raise your awareness and vibrate in a light so bright other beings will smile. You are me and I am you in physical manifestation. Luv thyself and forgive yourself. Spread love and joy and happiness. We are all children of the source energy that gives life to all. Give thanks One peace One luv

  5. matthew mann says:

    Egypt was designed by Hamitic Caucasians and Sudan was designed by Nilotic Negroids.

  6. samuraioj says:

    This Documentary is interesting. Alot better then "Ancient Africa – A History Denied" that film sucked.

  7. samuraioj says:

    Their are big problems with this films version of Osiris,Isis and Horus story,this version is not the original versions of the stories.This version does not come from ancient sources, it comes from early-medieval age and modern sources , like Zeitgeist and Gnostic writers from the New Age Movement. The Mystery Religions copied from the bible,not the other way around.

  8. samuraioj says:

    The original similarities from the mystery religions like Osiris,Isis,Horus and Set Story, was changed after Christianity became so popular to appease the Pagans mass' and Gnostic's.
    Horus was not born from a virgin. Isis "Auset" was not a virgin when she gave birth to Horus "Heru",their are hieroglyphics showing her having sex. Egyptian scholars agree their is NO comparison between Horus birth and Jesus birth,Pyramid Texts does NOT have any mention of a virgin birth.

  9. Anon Ymous says:

    fantastic … but why omit that the 14th piece of Osiris that was not found by Isis was the Phallus. Do the makers, in spite of acknowledging the matrilineal nature of culture, have a problem with this?

  10. Bruno Bruno says:

    Cairo in Egypt is only 250 miles from Tel Aviv Israel, the Congo is over 2000 miles away.

  11. Mistar Fish says:

    7:38 He said Amen. Yep. Amen is amun. Everything you learned in school are full of garbage. theyre hiding knowledge that the black ppl knew. alchemy too is el kemet.
    When they say ram its the lamb of god. god is El. ram the first constellation of the zodiac,
    el as in electricity and in masculine words.

  12. Gods Elect says:

    You people must know Nubia was nowhere near Africa. Don't believe everything ignorant Roman civilization teaches you. We all races are from Eden Also called Atlantis by Greeks.
    We are all from here
    Know its not opinion its fact.

  13. can anybody tell me what west african tribes originated in kemet

  14. Niqiii Guma says:

    Am I the only 15 year old watching this

  15. piecesofme says:

    Who is the historian at minute 10:00? I don't think the filmmaker ever provided subtitle information.

  16. God created man from mud there's know such thing as white mud. So
    Adam and eve had to be black. Black
    People are from god the father in
    Heaven even the angels are black

  17. We already know that the white man
    Is the devil and some black people.
    I call them black devils.

  18. This time god is coming to takeover
    The planet earth and give it back to
    Black people.

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