An Idiot’s Guide to Politics: young adults disengaged from politics.BBC Documentary 2015

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  1. oneundergod says:

    what frightens them so that they block people from seeing the truth?

  2. Virtueman1 says:

    Politics today is full of irrationality and dishonesty. That's probably why young people stay away from it. Plus they know (at some level) that most politics is left-wing and is only there to make them feel guilty for living and take their freedom and money. There's nothing to gain from that.

  3. The 4min15 video ''A Simple Solution to the Debt Crisis,'' and others by Positive Money UK plus the 3min15 ''George Carlin – It's a big club and you ain't in it.''

  4. 411 STUDIO says:

    Want to know more about politics? Watch it here -

  5. The wise see justice seekers America on Facebook circa 2002 all over the United States international you are in danger

  6. Hélio Dias says:

    In politics,, Brazil,  with our corrupt system, is way behind great britain, one of the  leading countries in the world,  But congratulations you guys on this film because the more you advance in politics the better for the rest of the world that will have to follow suit!

  7. fuck gentrification

  8. Rolf Jander says:

    At least the BBC has the freedom to make a show like this. If the CBC in Canada aired something similar, Steve would have them shut down the next day

  9. Jeffrey Kee says:

    They had this same type of documentary on VICE and would not show on networks because they are also owned by the rich. We need this kind of show in the US. I would say that our group of politicians are, as you say, Wankers. This generation has seen the failures of the all the previous generations and we know it's all lies. Politicians are only for the rich and powerful they do not care what happens to the lower classes. Young people in the US feel exactly the same way UK young people feel about the corruption. Conservatives are too hostile and Liberals/Labors are too weak and they are only for the oligarchs. Unlike the UK, the US has Citizen's United law which allows unlimited money into politics

  10. Ultimately, Goldsmith is right. Politics has always been a ruthless battle fuelled by deceit, false promises and greed

  11. Nas. says:

    i know little about politics but really want to dive deep into it,is this a way to start yall?

  12. I don't feel this programme would encourage people to vote. It ends on the note that even after doing a big petition and delivering it to Downing Street, you still had no feedback from prime minister or otherwise. The documentary is entertaining ad does show that direct action is probably the most effective way of engaging in politics. sad but true. and if the istuation Zac goldsworthy describes could be overcome and we could bring in political reforms, then that might engage the interest of more people in voting and politics.

  13. Keval G says:

    Like this Geezer

  14. Matthew Genn says:

    I wish he had considered the Greens in all this!

  15. MrKarmoy1 says:

    BBC brainwashes the British public with it's socialist agenda. .Notice all the red?   Why  in this day and age are we paying a fortune for a TV license to support this nonsense.???  I wonder how much get's donated to Labour Party. Maybe they will buy Comrade Cobyn a new suit..

  16. thanks for uploading, the bcc took it down *

  17. Sol Reynolds says:

    no such thing as a free lunch, unless you are rich

  18. Patrick Reid says:

    No one seems to realise that Nick Clegg wasn't elected.

  19. A lot of British doesn't care about politics

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