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22 Responses

  1. I think I traveled in time, I allready saw this docu, and now it is new

  2. @23:23          since they are constantly buzzing around us, I'd say they are using a different method.

  3. politicians and corporate heads have told untruths so long, they would not even begin to understand truth..truth to them means cover up

  4. politicians and corporate heads have told untruths so long, they would not even begin to understand truth..truth to them means cover up

  5. andré Bain says:

    since the very begining human are wicked crature trying to kill eash other for some reasons or others there is no stopping they kill for peasure fortunately the last two of them will kill each other so taht none one's left

  6. Sick Fayth says:


  7. It's impossible to understand, when you hardly can exit earths gravity :)

  8. Is that the narrator from Mass Effect?!

  9. Stickleback says:

    Bob Lazar has already explained how one civilization travels vast distances of space. And yes he is telling the truth. Don't think it involves fossil fuels either :-)

  10. SATAN sucks says:

    at 186,000 miles a second, Alfa is 3.7 years away at the speed of light.. get ya facts correct

  11. A good book related to this subject is "Orion 1" by Todd Fries on

  12. Comments equal huge fail.

  13. Electrogravitic propulsion is the only way to the stars.
    That's how ET does it.

  14. An F-ing advertisement every 3 minutes, F this shit, so annoying!!!

  15. EPIC VIDEOS! says:

    or its bubbles making their way to the surface since the space walks are done in pitch black pools but they don't want to admit it. if you are reading this check out space bubbles in youtube to see when they fuck up lol.

    like china you see stadium lights in a mirror on the guys wrist by accident… or just bubbles from the suit.

  16. NASA didn't see nothing you Liers you pathetic good for nothing LIERS!!! you just want us to believe in your NASA garbage so you"the government can say they.. Nasa..saw a ufo!! so we…. the people…aka sheep… will foolishly believe more NASA LIES!!!!!!! to hide whatever it is your hiding!!

  17. elipicayo says:

    How stupid can people be? It's not spaceships travelling all those light years that visit us on Earth, It's spaceships from other dimensions. that jump and then we see them in our space. How many times do they have to do it before those scientists figure it out.

  18. Im supposed to be playing Game Of War but this one player keeps kicking my ass.

  19. Stupid ,simple minded people believe we have been visited by ET's.AND a few smart people who write books on UFO's that stupid people buy.

  20. ManDudeMark says:

    Dude! Thank you for accurately titling each video! Nobody ever does that and for that, I tip my hat to you! definitely subscribing! ….. great job!

  21. Plz name videos right, this is something i allready seen… Bad, bad troll…