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6 Responses

  1. Alec Payne says:

    que documental buenisimo gracias por documentar y compartir esta bonita cultura y las costumbres que tiene

  2. mafoune77 says:

    Thank you for posting! C'est chez moi a Bko.😘

  3. Metal Bacon says:

    Should change the title of the documentary to
    "Random African family that likes their own music: Full Documentary" i learned absolutely nothing about African music the whole thing was this guys dream to play his music in front of Europeans. The other guy just talking about his influences for songs he wrote. The rest is a bunch of filler of them playing their music or talking about their misfortunes of being a woman in their culture. I was really hoping to get some background about the tribal music of Africa, maybe some origin stories here, a fact or two about the evolution of their music there, but nope, no such information to be found.

  4. G. Simmins says:

    I  enjoyed watching 🙂  Thank you for sharing!

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