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  1. a ko says:

    HAHAHAHAHA here before the Indians lol. GET OVER YOURSELF MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!

  2. a ko says:

    You wish you was Native bitch

  3. Wise Watcher says:

    Amerindians are a mixture of African and Mongolian. That's why they look like the way that they do.@a ko

  4. Faith Truth says:

    music was around for hundreds of year but black ppl are like the gods of music now. right😕

  5. Faith Truth says:

    this planet will be dark forever because what went around came back around

  6. Faith Truth says:

    and I'm here for a good time not a long time

  7. Faith Truth says:

    ain't no by going say jack we try eat now lol

  8. Faith Truth says:

    we don't do no talking

  9. Faith Truth says:

    "nigger" I knew it was a story behind that word smh they stingy cus they starved what you expect from them and they still exist

  10. fyi..for every comment/s all of you originated from black do your research

  11. Bianca Mahan says:

    how do you get in contact with this brotha?

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