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  1. cris 01 says:

    @ya boy is on it at 28:50 brah! do you brah!

  2. This video demonstrates how Africans are easily brainwashed by religion. African people globally will continue to be at the bottom of the barrel as long as they cling to their colonial and slave master's religion. Religion mentally enslaves…

  3. African people are literally out of their minds…and will continue to be lost by believing in their oppressor's religion.


    They will NEVER adopt the meritous ways of their Colonialists, but the ABSOLUTE WORST of these Colonials are EASILY adopted by Black Africa.


  5. LOL

    Colonial Master handed them the Bible and took their Brains away forever.

  6. Marian says:

    Why does the priest call the spirituality of his forefathers Voodoo? The spiritiality of the old world of the whites is called Mythology. WHY DO WE ALLOW these whites or believers of these NEW religions continue to belittle us?

  7. josefweiss23 says:

    all the people who critiquing these customs, go from behind your phones and your computers and try insulting these people in front their faces. you will not live to tell the tale. someone else will tell it for you

  8. Give the white man back his God ,black people.

  9. Ziggy Tafari says:

    religion is a hella va drug lol

  10. Real Deal says:

    Poor animals, poor people, they need education, and not corruption or colonial oppression, and I think the money currency has done a brainwashing on all of us, let's not throw insults…. help these human beings….

  11. Vodons, Orixas and Inkincis!!! Gods of Benin, Nigeria, Angola and others african's countrys.
    thanks for slevery, Are gods of all americas also!

  12. Markus Rock says:

    This is the strangest Cooking Show Ever!

  13. 👀was that a white Jesus.. turning the Channel on that note✌

  14. Waw they still believe on that picture…that got them chained

  15. it reminds me of the jesus camp documentary on netflix but this is super cool

  16. can't watch anymore ✌

  17. Wtf is wrong w u ppl? If u can't respect this shit gtfo Why'r u watching? To get educated? Ok than watch the video n understand that's their lives not urs n not ur beliefs it's theirs? Where r the people that r just interested in this shit?

  18. Great Doco, they're devotion to connect with a higher power whichever means, is interesting and beautiful. Most westerners don't even devote themselves to this consumerism society or a diet or job or , cut off from each other besides the interweb. N

  19. Ray Turner says:

    It is a well documented phenomenon, black Africans have a tendency to go into trances like this & also be influenced into mass hysteria as a crowd.

  20. junerdub says:

    MYSTIC Powers Giving Credit to someone else. What else is new?

  21. Lady Judah says:

    the funny thing is, they don't even follow the whole bible. they follow the canaanite/babylonian worship given to them by the leperous edomite/canaanites(amorites, jebusites,hittites,hivites etc) were hit with the hornets, turned white Exodus 23:28 KJV And I will send hornets before thee, which shall drive out the Hivite, the Canaanite, and the Hittite, from before thee, while dwelling among them in the middle east in the land of Canaan, before being put out of the land in 70 Ad by the Roman. But of course The Most High did that because of their disobedience and abominable idol worship. when they migrated into Africa they brought that with them. Then colonist brought to them the beast, white jesus masking the same Babylonian beliefs. they do these same practices in brazil, the west indies and in the deep south of north america. everywhere we are. why is that? because these are the Most Highs people- the israelites, that he promised not to cast away, but the Canaanites will forever be a thorn in our side and a stumbling block to come back to our true power.

    Jeremiah 2:14 KJV
    Is Israel a servant? is he a homeborn slave ? why is he spoiled?
    Joshua 23:13 KJV
    Know for a certainty that the Lord your God will no more drive out any of these nations from before you; but they shall be snares and traps unto you, and scourges in your sides, and thorns in your eyes, until ye perish from off this good land which the Lord your God hath given you.
    Judges 2:1-3 KJV
    And an angel of the Lord came up from Gilgal to Bochim, and said, I made you to go up out of Egypt, and have brought you unto the land which I sware unto your fathers; and I said, I will never break my covenant with you. [2] And ye shall make no league with the inhabitants of this land; ye shall throw down their altars: but ye have not obeyed my voice: why have ye done this? [3] Wherefore I also said, I will not drive them out from before you; but they shall be as thorns in your sides, and their gods shall be a snare unto you.

    know your history or your doomed to repeat it.
    WAKE UP!!

  22. 6 minutes in and I can't watch any more of this. This is just too sad and terrifying.

  23. An evil being brain washed these people.

  24. This is not true …
    this is not Islam. …

  25. patriarchy at it's finest

  26. Crrazy Rave says:

    All i see is a bunch of developed monkeys. Africans will never be part of the modern world sadly.

  27. i am an atheist
    But i realy liked this video
    nice documentary :)

  28. jose galarza says:

    sad to say regardless if this is true or not, understand that christianity is true, i evangelize the word of Jehovah and Jesus. ive got lucky enough to meet Jehovah ( Yahweh) in a dream. and jesus is truth. african culture is false even since the begining its in the old testimate. the jews began worshipping false idols animals the creation instead of the creator. worshipping suns stars and other gods that do nothing. wake up its not just africa but other religions like cathlics, budha, hindu, satanism, islam, feel free to ask me questions Jehovah has answered everyone of my questions

  29. Well you have a pic of a white man depicting Jesus, I thought the Bible is against images and idols.

  30. Mag Second says:

    I am atheist, to me it's as silly as Christianity or Judaism or Mythology. Good documentary though.

  31. Priya P says:

    The justification of polygamy….so, if the two women's cycles sync up, does the man get a 3rd wife?

  32. A bunch of Crazy Asses.

  33. Angkor Wat says:

    Sam Rainey 24d December 2016

  34. u call on the holy ghost that can control the spirits in Jesus name

  35. God is talking to himself, pretending he is us.

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