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31 Responses

  1. This shit ios boring…Never get to see anyone getting shot nor blown up…a bunch of wasted ammo….all I hear is our tax payers funds being wasted. FUCK THE WAR.

  2. some of those assholes are the bad guys they just leave their shit behind and go up to the US patrols to figure out the intel and see what's what and then they go back to their little buddies

  3. Judge Lazar says:

    Does the sound cut out in some places or is my TV broken>

  4. reza ahmadi says:

    fucking americans

  5. Rec Ghost says:

    Idiot American cunts

  6. The guy at 18:21 why is he wearing a condom on the head..?? ^^

  7. Pa Sander says:

    some of these guys are about as smart and skilled as walmart stock clerks.

  8. Our guys do the impossible…they even make fanny packs look good :)

  9. Can someone tell me why they are wearing woodland helmet covers with desert utilities?(please no bullshit answers)

  10. AfghanHearts says:

    sangin is in 2016 again controlled by the taliban. tell me americans and british, what have you achieved?? is there anything left of your presence in helmand which is not lost yet? have your deads and wounded not been in vain? isnt it as if you were never there?? and most important, HAVENT YOU BEEN WARNED NOT TO INVADE AFGHANISTAN, for it is the graveyard of empires???

  11. where are their sidearms kept?

  12. jack hunter says:

    i lost my dad in hellman prov…..diddent realy know him ..but miss him….yup

  13. I piss and shit on every soldiers grave that ever got killed fighting for American bull shit. and yes I'm an American and happily say this. die in hell and may the blood of your friends and family soak your carpets

  14. Warlito08 says:

    33:55 Never skip leg day

  15. อะไรอ่ะ

  16. Bluewild says:

    Lol you stupid braindead soldier. You are an unity, you are the hand of
    the brain, you are nobody but a machine, ready to do whatever your boss
    tells you to. Manipulated from your youth by TV propaganda. They could send you killing every Japanese of the world if the TV had taught you that japanese were dangerous people. But dangerous for who ? This is not your country, this is not your land, you have no right to come wherever you want across the planet and impose your way of life. From the moment your friend become a "soldier" he sign a papper with the devil and agree to die; by being an agressor in a land doesn't belong to him he deserves to die. At the moment you fight for a bad reason, killing women and childrens with your shit bombs for no reason, you deserve to die.

  17. Mohd Faidz says:

    taliban will nuke you

  18. "you see that penis shaped door right in front of us?" that got a lol out of me.

  19. Amatronix says:

    Thanks for winnning the war on terror guys,ha just kidding theres has been no war cause a war is when two armies fight

  20. Tarheel Boy says:

    We should have tourist tours over there and kill taliban, but the women are so ugly and smell like goats nobody wants to go.

  21. Will Maa says:


  22. This American are so stupid, get into 2,000 and 3,000 year old civilization and try to change them over night. Everywhere they go is a pure disaster. Iraq, Lybia, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, and now Syria. They like soul-less killing machine. 7 countries destroy in 10 years, millions killed mahem, orphan, migrate, people that have not even lift a finger at them.

  23. TheBo0mer says:

    I'm watching the guy to the left around 6:40 and his feet are blinking bright red. The boots he's wearing have really bright soles that make him much more visible. It just caught my eye a lot because it stands out. I'm kind of surprised he's wearing them on a mission. Also, the very end few seconds of this video are actually kinda.. cute, for lack of a better word.

  24. Aroon Limboo says:

    Brave man♥♥♡

  25. Ryu Hayabusa says:

    Their like who are these aliens and why are they threating us with guns

  26. I want to see this guy's kick isis ass

  27. Willy Wonka says:

    what do they use those open bags on their waist for?

  28. the last time we put so many people near the wall we opened fire