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10 Responses

  1. It's clear, that ukranians shot down MH-17

  2. JLC6987 says:

    It's disgusting seeing all these old Nazi SS emblems that the Ukrainians are waving on their flags and uniforms. Such an awful reminder of the past.

  3. Chummy Loki says:

    They say they hate Russia but speak their language

  4. GoivaniJony says:

    america typical bull shit propaganda ahahahahahahahah everybody knows Ukraine shot down that air plane to get america involved….why the fuck would ordinary freedom fighters shoot down a civilian airline? haha

  5. Spanish airtraffic controller tweeted live Ukraine airforce fighter jet behind MH17 witnessed the airliner shot down with a israeli made missile.The Nazis and KhazarJews are panicking because the game is up.Trump is removing the drip feed of USD keeping Zombie Khazaria/Ukraine alive.Watch the nazi rats desert run for your lives .FSB is after your asses.

  6. Ray Ilmast says:

    tell me kind of idiot believe to channel like "stop fake news" (17:40) it's is a propaganda channel on its self

  7. NikiMusic says:

    sick ukro nazi propaganda!

  8. NotMe You says:

    as a romanian i say this to all people that are hostages of russia FIGHT for your freedom fight forever now and afer 10 generations dont stop never stop fight slowly if you can`t fight at once but never stop and victory awaits you then only then your grandchildrens will thank you here they killed the dictateur in 89 and i as a young person i am very greatefull to their sacrifice never ever let dictateurs inside your mind there is no other stronger retrograde force it mutilates your behaviour ultimately transforms you in a thing or to be more objective it transforms you in a russian animal BIG RESPECT TO UKRAINE

  9. ERROL LIGEON says:

    WEAPON LOBBY..make money..they don,t care for nobody

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