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  1. RDYS says:

    Very interesting. The implications and overtones for other countries are important. I believe every American World History class should watch this video.

  2. Until lions tell their tale, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.

  3. This is a brief History folks. The Europeans entered South Africa, fucked up the tribes of the country for financial gain and now we have a racist war and i am stuck in the center of it all. Now i need to find a country that has the same culture as mine to fuck off to thanks to my fore father's idiocy.

  4. Sarge Scum says:

    Omg, the way he talks about the managing of difficult areas. And it also sounds like many of the wars were orchestrated by the British. I can go on, but I will end my comment with
    I like this effort.

  5. Bailey Weiss says:

    Qhosa people.. :D

  6. Despite economic integration, income inequality between black and white South Africans remains high.

  7. Goku -San says:

    A Boring History of South Africa, with Dave Steward

  8. Tavi says:

    Great history lesson. Really enjoyed something that.. funnily enough.. isn't taught in British schools..

  9. This was great! Sounded like he wasn't finished. Is there more?

  10. Grant Redman says:

    These comments made me soo wet

  11. beryale x says:

    this is reall  Big think video we need more

  12. camera31 says:

    is it Tskoza?

  13. I don't know all the facts but I really enjoyed listening to him. He really put a lot of things in perspective for me. 

  14. Gareth David says:

    Great summary of the history of SA! Watch it and learn something!

  15. Only just found this channel, so many things I wanna watch!! Love it all! And this clip is no exception!
    Firstly thanks to Big Think! I'm just starting an online TV channel and your passion and commitment to this channel is really inspirational and motivational!!
    Secondly thanks to Dave! As a 35 yr old South African living abroad, you have given me bits of condensed history I've been craving to know ! 

  16. KenyanTexan says:

    interesting story

  17. half truths mr steward… 

  18. Nice speech but I felt that the whites gave South Africa away. They had the military and economic power. Which was 400 billion dollars, way more than some European countries and new Zealand at the time in the 1980's. So they could have gone on for mabey another 45 years. I am not saying that 'aparteid' was good, it was horrible. I am just saying that they came to there senses and listened to the world. So that is why South Africa is a Democratic nation and is respected worldwide. Bye. ☺

  19. Juan Olivier says:

    Apartheid failed because my people got greedy and wanted to keep to much land for them self. They should of kept Vrystaat and the central and southern parts of Transvaal and gave all the other land to the other nations like Natal to the Zulus and Eastern Cape to the Xhosa. 

  20. Terrible account of SA history; very misleading

  21. Excellent video. Should probably be titled, "A Brief White History of South Africa," though. The lens could use a bit of disclosure.

  22. 2eelShmeal says:

    That Goldman Sachs advert made me physically ill.

    (Government Sachs)

  23. Am I the only one who heard him making a "clucking" sound with his mouth throughout the video?

  24. Mud Hut says:

    Why not mention that the English lost the first Boer War? And that during the second they used scorched earth policies and interred 1000s of woman and children (both native and white) into concentration camps, in which thousands died from starvation and disease? 

    This isn't just a white take on South African History, but an English take on South African history.

  25. steve breezy says:

    who right to what?? is this how you justify what happened?

  26. I hear there is a South Africa in Mars, i'm sure the guy is talking about it

  27. wimpymind n says:

    Characterising the cold war as russian proxy warfare without mention of the US doing the exact same thing, more often and with more success, puts the rest of this otherwise interesting video in a rather untrustworthy light.

  28. Laiq RSA says:

    I find it highly annoying that people are getting annoyed with another part of our countries story. There isnt just one side of the story.

  29. If you see whats happening to South Africa today. You may understand the nececity of apartheid/ segregation and why it was implimented at the time. Purelly out of nececity. Now that it is gone the country is turning into a lawless ruinous heap of missery and death. Yet none who imposed the change on this country dare live in it. Okay, the God of the God-fearing people shall visit the same upon its enemies at their own doorstep. Got to love Divine Justice. Bye-Bye USA, Canada, UK and Sweden. you brought this upon yourselves.

  30. Josua Raaths says:

    so dit is hoe die rooi nekke Suid Africa se geskiedenis leer hmmm interesant

  31. South Africa says:

    would've appreciated one that dated back pre-colonialism

  32. what a load of bullshit

  33. Cielarko says:

    Oh daaym white man can click!
    Bonjour Monsieur I bet you're Afrique!

  34. Didn t the Blacks have selfdetermination within their Homelands alias Countries ? For me it looks like these countries failed just like other african countries. It looks to me the Blacks failed and where dragged towards prosperity wealth and jobs in white South Africa.

  35. Alicat says:

    What an insightful 20 minutes, thank you.

  36. I love the history as it was not as imperialist wish it to be facts are facts history never wavers it is a straight story not a myth

  37. did this nigga just click his tongue

  38. This is why I love Big Think. Its where people can look at the facts of things without any preconceived delusion and have an intellectual debate about it. He may not have covered the whole story but what he said is however true and cannot be denied no matter which side of the argument your on. Unfortunately it's a truth that is ignored by the ANC's government and it's supporters.

  39. Bboy RSA says:

    it looked like for a moment after he made the "breaking eggs" joke that he maybe expected an applause… lol

  40. FeedThemCake says:

    The black middle class was growing in the 70s and 80s. A large black middle class would have resulted in blacks favoring the protection of property rights and the rejections of communist ideology. But no, now we're stuck with a ruling party that faces no risk of being put out of power and is content to sit back and let the country fall apart while its irrationally loyal voter base remains largely ignorant, uneducated and mired in poverty and social dysfunction.

  41. the british ruled the world alomost!!!

  42. Dean Booysen says:

    WHat a load of hogwash!!

  43. Come on now, we know how the San and Khoi came about to South Africa. There are mines spanning 35 thousand years in South Africa, there are Fishing evidence and irrigation archeological evidence spanning more than 11 thousand years and it was not done by the san or khoi. The are archeological evidence of ancient civilization in mpumalanga, lesotho, the eastern cape, limpopo and kwazulu. Africa belongs to the Blacks/African not Europeans.

  44. Tee Jay says:

    froze at Qhoza people

  45. MrSivram28 says:

    What I'm trying to understand is why black South Africans were unable to build a separate civilization from whites? Why force yourself unto white society is your not wanted?

  46. once independent the jews all went to Australia with their wealth…what a fucking joke

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