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  1. Lori Nam says:

    I am scared because of the fact that the universe is huge and anything could be out there like a copy of me .

  2. could it be plausible that our universe is inside a car battery of a scientist?

  3. Does that mean what has to happen to me in this universe in this copy of me has to happen, I mean is the script of my life already written? if every possible situation will happen to me in each of my copies is it predetermined what will happen to a particular copy of me?

  4. The Nameguy says:

    You need to build up speed for 12 hours to go to another PU

  5. Lori Zigler says:

    I have yet to understand WHY anyone on this planet THINKS the world has to end???

  6. Dear parallel universe me,
    You are one fabulous motherfucker.

  7. How do you explain consciousness then??

  8. Santino M says:

    sometimes i think these scientists are fucked on some real good shit

  9. The other day I went to bed watching youtube clips and their  blogs. The date was October the 9th, one blogger was saying, ha,ha, the world wasn't destroyed on the eight. The next day I experienced a sick and dreadful feeling, everything smelled like burning flesh mixed with electrical or nuclear burning. I went to school two days later and discover the calendar was saying it is only October 6. I am thinking this is the weirdest thing ever. I go to you tube and there are posts that are saying the end of the world will be on October the eighth. The date is October the sixth. Some how I lost three days. To top that off, yesterday I went to the park, and the slide has changed. I was asking another parent when the slide had changed. They informed me the slide was always like that. I didn't believe him, so I went home and asked my older children what type of slide was at the park. One of them agreed with me that the slide was once a spiral. All the rest said the slide was a wave. What the heck just happened?

  10. every thing is reasonable. However, There is only one GOD who create us and those universes. We can not be the GOD.

  11. In certain part they mention that probably nazis won the WW2 in a paralel univers. It may mean that my grandfather probably was killed there before meeting my grandmother. I would not exist in that univers. This is talking about just one person. So many things happened in "our" universe that virtually makes impossible for all of us to have a copy of ourselves "somewhere else". 

  12. Blaze Streak says:

    An endless number of alternate universes exists in tandem with the endless quantity of conceivable eventualities.

    Universes where:

    Nicolas Cage landed a role as Superman

    All the Disney films shelved in our universe are a part of the official canon

    The barbarian tribes never invaded the Roman Empire

    Adolf Hitler and his Nazi forces won World War II

    Gavrilo Princip, Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald failed in their assassination attempts

    The video game crash of 1983 killed the video game industry permanently

    A universe where dragons and talking animals coexist with humans

    A world where Attila the Hun never initiated his conquest of Europe.

    A world where the Meiji Restoration never happened

    A world where World War II never happened

    A world where superpowers are a reality

    A world where Steve Martin was cast as Shrek

    A world where Walt Disney was never born

    A world where Michael Jackson lived beyond 2009.

    A world where Kurt Cobain never committed suicide

    A world where Dante Alighieri never composed the Divine Comedy

    A world where Marilyn Monroe is still alive.

    A world where the Emancipation Proclamation was never ratified

    A world Where Abraham Lincoln was never assassinated

    A world where The Room, Gigli, Batman v. Superman, Freddy got Fingered, Cat in the Hat, Ghostbusters 2016 and other awful films in our universe are believed classics

    A world without Shigeru Miyamoto

    A world where The Lion King was not the most successful Disney film.

    A world where John Lockwood Kipling instead composed The Jungle Book

    A world where 9/11 never occurred

    A world without the existence of ISIS

    A world where The Vietnam War never occurred

    A world where the atom bomb was never invented

    A world without Albert Einstein

    A world without Japan ever having existed

  13. Rayan Khan says:

    If parallel universe is really a thing and there are multiple copies of people and myself and basically the different copies of earth then what if the dreams we see are actually the scenarios that happened or happening with me in the parallel universe with the different versions of me.

  14. alim uddin says:

    All of this points to Islam. People start believing in your Lord. These scientists' how know talking about dinosaurs walking around in your living room. Suban Allah. They going crazy

  15. Alan Murray says:

    The guy @15:12 is high as fuck

  16. Ur Gr8 says:

    how is it that we know "in the beginning, there was darkness" why not, "in the beginning there was light"

  17. you got my telephatic message through the used of multi-verse.

  18. bodhi says:

    i woke up from a nap and saw the Knicks won a playoff game. did I wake up in the right universe or am I in some parallel reality?

  19. Sea BelowMe says:

    I think it's incorrect to say "In the beginning there was darkness, then a big bang,' it's christian jargon that has no relevance at all.

  20. ImReadyToGo says:

    @29:50…theyre onto it!! cuz WE ARE gonna die in THIS "universe" and flip over to the "next universe"…dimension…

  21. ImReadyToGo says:

    Hold up…wth is an anti-proton?? Thats a new one to me.

  22. ImReadyToGo says:

    soooo….if we send a human faster than the speed of light…does that mean that human could act an electron and be in multiple places???

  23. Zac Cope says:

    I wonder if there's the same god in another universe, or is god the same god from our universe traveling from one to another

  24. Zac Cope says:

    plus I wonder if time travel counts as traveling to a parallel universe depending on how a person changes the past or present past or does that break the laws and be seen as creating a parallel universe by man?

  25. But the Cubs did win the world series.

  26. Lulu Starsky says:

    They keep repeating the same thing over and over again

  27. nini says:

    so can i go to a universe where trump doesn't win the elections pls?

  28. isaac yo says:

    it does not say how long we live in another universe, does it? do we have the same feelings and needs?

  29. kashif khan says:

    Parallel Universe=7 heavens in Quran. 1450 years what Parallel Universe we are talking about is already been discussed in Quran. But onething is for sure there is no Second Version of you in any part of those heavens. truth is when you die, you are a done deal, but I don't know who's that lunatic proposing this theory of "YOU IS EXIST IN OTHER UNIVERSE AS WELL". I will take this theory partially correct because there are other heavens exist apart from the heaven we live under or you can call OUR UNIVERSE. laws of physics, time, dimension in those heavens are different than what we have here. Allah says in Quran. 22:47 “Yet they ask thee to hasten on the Punishment! But God will not fail in His Promise. ""Verily a Day in the sight of thy Lord is like a thousand years of your reckoning.”  and Surah 70:4 “" The angels and the spirit ascend unto him in a Day the measure whereof is (as) fifty thousand years.”

  30. NeoTheOne says:

    The Big Bang is just a theory…why do they keep acting like it's a fact.

  31. When he talks about the universe being flat! Yea right these people are idiots…. just like people would fall off the earth because it was flat! I think sometimes these shows go too far…. this is not science this is a waste of peoples $….

  32. Ace Gaming says:

    First it was flat earth people who were claiming there world was flat.
    Now people are claiming flat unaverse?

  33. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is an 1865 novel written by English
    mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis
    Carroll. a young girl falls into another universe . Which led her to
    OZ. Which took her to the pulp magazine genre. That ended in scifi
    fantasy stories and wonder woman issue 59 parallel world story. (or mr
    MYX in superman 1945 issue from the 5th dimension.
    ALL of this pre dates Hugh Everetts multi worlds theory 1957. The
    origination of the multiverse theory if you are the scientific Type that
    gets his ideas from trash culture.

  34. Largesse1000 says:

    Exact copy? Bollocks. Pure fantasy. Think of an implausible idea, which just happens to be so all encompassing that it makes up for deficiency in Science to explain the Universe. No evidence, but who cares it creates lots of pompous professorships, right? This shot makes me want to be a theist. Ever heard of Occam's Razor? What bloody horseshit this is. Think of something, and, oh, it exists because everything is infinite, everything is possible. Well, if we play that game, here goes. God exists by definition, because everything is possible now, so let a god exist. Why fucking not?

  35. Ahmed Ali says:

    Fake and time waste.

  36. I'm on the universe 3D right now man! giant cosmic ball happen to be my memories

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