2015 World’s Biggest Math Mystery Solved – Decode The Universe (National Geographic Documentary)

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32 Responses

  1. Chicxulub65M says:

    NOVA, not National Geographic. How official can this be? First clue is Jay O. Sanders narrating. 2nd, it says NOVA.

  2. sif lssan says:

    +SPACE & UNIVERSE (Official)
    +SPACE & UNIVERSE (Official) Can you help me to find an other's link to see the astroid that hit earth equal a 100 atome bombe's in the bouble discrition on the video plz !

  3. malectric says:

    We find patterns. We fashion formulae to describe them in a succinct language. Mystery?

  4. I downloaded this

  5. edward lewis says:

    At 8:00, the connection to a circle is:
    If the needle lands parallel to the lines, it's hardly going to cross a line, but if it drop perpendicular to the lines it will more likely cross a line.
    In reality it lands parallel, perpendicular, and all angles in between. If you draw all those needle patterns you get a circle.

    The probability of the needle crossing a line depends on the orientation of the needle when it lands, and the collection of possible orientations forms a circle.

  6. Samer Qari says:

    I've lost one hour of my precious life to watch this video

  7. This is the most dramatic and exaggerated shit i've ever heard.

  8. Z-1 World says:

    watxh from 9:53 to 11:08 so it basically says that we're inside and part of a program, we're the matrix, fuck!

  9. Londzale says:

    Oh Shut UP ! Einstein was a joke. E = MC ^2 really means nothing at all. Don't even get me started with his fucked up string theory.


  11. The word is maths, not math.

  12. screw u max telemark. ur a lying piece of crap.

  13. Aiman Iman says:

    Wow is the amazing then is the very very good

  14. Chris Cooper says:

    Love the video

  15. The Universe is pure, Math. And God is the necessary concept of Infiniti.

  16. Caio Branco says:


  17. Shaun Somers says:

    why are there so many religious nut jobs commenting on these documentaries?

  18. Chris G says:

    "Students were asked not to count but to respond as quickly as possible to a touch screen test comparing quantities. The results? About the same as lemurs and rhesus monkeys". So counting with numbers is a smart way we humans invented to accurately compare quantities, especially large ones, that otherwise look pretty much the same. A flock of 157 sheep looks the same as 156 sheep, but those two numbers are obviously different. If you counted 157 yesterday and 156 today you immediately know something's happening, and are in a better position to predict how many tomorrow. Numbers come into their own precisely when "the change [in quantity] isn't obvious enough to capture our attention". Later on mathematicians came up with even cleverer ways of predicting, for example double differentiation to determine the inflection point on a curve along a segment that looks uniformly straight. Numbers are like a magnifying glass for the present and a telescope for the future. But they're symbols too.

  19. Compost no speak. Go build a pyramid. flr

  20. This should be our bible!

  21. insulman100 says:

    Pie shows up in apples well I don't know about that but I do know that  apples show up in pies mmmm good sorry couldn't help myself

  22. Why the hell there isn't a secondary cheap assed Probe following the Mars Rover is astounding too me…"All that money and they didn't back up their plan with a smaller seperate backup plan!"

    They should have a smaller Probe following the Rover at "ALL TIMES!!!"…

    In case the Rover misses something, or in case it needs too help move the main Rover if it ditches!
    OR Just too have a 200% view of everything front and from behind!

    (And an extra 50-100% chance of survival from fallings rocks if there are two there…)

    Where is the Baby Rover>>>???

    Obviously they didn't care much about this endeavour too add such things, because they already have bases there or know about aliens or something even worse who knows.

    But there should be a baby rover.

  23. Musta rastas says:

    I believe that math has answer for every question

  24. tony borgia says:

    this is like Matrix, in'it?

  25. the problem with mathematics and systems like the weather has been solved by a man called Benoît Mandelbrot … His math will lead us into a greater and even more fascinating world of math :)

  26. bullshit, american dream :D

  27. Being surpriced math can explain everything in nature is like being surpriced you can bake all cakes from ingredience, making all kind of houses from building materials or making all kids of picures from RGB(0-2^36-1) on a computer screen. In the universe there is a certain number of elementary particles, lets call it X. If X was larger than it is, math offers any ordinal number by adding one to the natural number you got at any time. Thus, math can explain, not only this universe, but any universe. Where exactly is the surprice? Did the surpriced one even study the proof of infinite amount of ordinal numbers? In fact, math can even explain universes where there are infinite amount of elementary particles. This makes it particular simple to explain everything in our universe which is assumed to be finite, well at least the visible one. If it is paradoxes you're looking for, why don't you ask why so few people are able to teach themselves math? That's a real paradox unless you allow ourself to explain it by lazyness, stupidity or both. You're not allowed to claim that mathematics are not suitable for predicting the weather. Such would be a fallacy, an appeal to ignorance. There may be variables still unknown to explain inaccuracy. The only alternative is that nature at large is not driven by cause and effect and for the nature at small the jury is still out.

  28. because that is how it grows, you dummy.

  29. aandreya says:

    i don't know why, but I laughed hard, when narrator said: you can find PI in apples

  30. Ilan Remy says:

    tear experiment study ride since equally jacket.