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  1. Adam says:

    Once the mining of moons, planets and asteroids open up and begin to generate revenue, more and more people will begin to invest more into space, governments will fund their space programs far more as they can now turn a profit

  2. Sq1zZy says:

    im the only one thats for sure theres life out there ? comeon 100bil univer

  3. 20:30 Even if it hurts, both effects (light and sound, basically one and the same) are called Doppler effect after their austrian explorer. Honor where honor is due.

  4. Zizo Tabai says:

    I don't know what happened to me but I smoke weed and I watch this shit it lit

  5. mario1ua says:

    when is the next ship to Mars departing?

  6. UAE69USA says:

    Amazing, spending all these efforts and money while all what you are searching for in space is mentioned in the Holy Quran and the last Messenger of God to all humans has told us everything about space. The Quran talks about gravity, universe expansion, dark matter, vastness, distances, black holes and many more. We Muslims already know what you people are still trying to find out. Why don't you consult us. I know what dark matter is and you will never ever be able to see it with your eyes, never. interview me and I'll give you guys what you are looking for free, no need to spend huge amounts of money to look for information already there. If you want to know how big is our universe, ask me. I already know what is out there, how many universes and the distances between them and how vast they are, just ask me, I mean it, no kidding.

  7. UAE69USA says:

    Now let me give you guys one secret that you surely don't know. All these discoveries you guys have made in space are nothing but a tiny percentage of what is in our universe ( the first one) only. Even if you had something travelling at the speed of light, you still not be able reach the end of the very first universe let alone the second one. Let Nova interview me so I could save you guys the costs and the efforts of telling you what's out there free. If I was to tell you more, your mind will surely explode but honestly, stop wasting time, money and efforts for the knowledge already known but your arrogance about the Quran is keeping you away from knowing what is out there.

  8. UAE69USA says:

    By the way, humans will never, ever, most definitely reach the second universe even if speed of light becomes a trillion time faster. If you want to know, easy, just interview me any time and I am ready. Do you want to know how many universes are out there, I'll tell you, just ask me. All these dummies taking credits for knowing things about outer space while we have known them all 1436 years ago. So, please stop fooling us about all these so called new discoveries, they are not new, we Muslims already know them and know what you are still searching for, just be humble enough to ask me and I will amaze you.Regards. A. H. Almarzooqi, Abu Dhabi, UAE

  9. MDoc says:

    may i get some likes with no reason?)

  10. 34.50 they know the exact age….ABOUT 13.7 billion……real exact haha hate it when your to smart to watch documentaries flashy shit to induce investments from the public. all those zeros are place holders these punks don't know

  11. I know most of this shit from school and 45 min of this video is of telescope!

  12. We are nothing compared to this world.

  13. HardWarUK says:

    The big bang. Our universe popping into existence in a multi-dimensional multiverse. Scientists predict a multiverse because of 85% of our universe being made up of Dark matter. The theory for this came out in 2015 and it hasn't be "broken" by other scientists yet!

  14. Escoleia : learning in your free time.

  15. Woah… 420 dislikes

  16. bob z'dar says:

    Documentary on history of telescope

  17. Those who don't understand then they are a normal citizen I'm 11 years old and I know a lot about space

  18. The fact is that there is the CREATOR of the universe and all that is invisible..

  19. Is it wired to believe in god and be an evolutionist at the same time? I believe that god made the big bang happen then watched everything unfold. Tweaking things along the way.

  20. Anna fanelli says:

    DUDE I LOVE SPACE !!!!!!!

  21. bruh i was watching it at 360p with this shitty laptop so dont complain :

  22. poke blaster says:

    whenever i watch a space documentary that isn't nova i never hear dark energy but if its a nova documentary i always hear something about dark energy

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